Marc Devisse: Entrepreneur, Philanthropist & Adventurer

Marc Devisse is a successful entrepreneur and enthusiastic philanthropist. His adventurous nature has driven him to initiate a range of enterprises and charitable endeavors. Seeking to become more engaged with his community, he is also a candidate for City Council.

Marc’s initial enterprise is Tri-Town Construction, which is still operational today after more than 15 years. He established it at the age of 22 in 2006. Unfortunately, it was launched just before the economic downturn that struck at the end of 2007.

Nevertheless, Marc managed to withstand the recession. However, two and a half years later, his company was hit with a substantial $50k penalty for failing to file the appropriate paperwork with the state. It was a challenging hurdle to overcome, but Marc did not give up and eventually managed to settle it.

In 2019, Marc decided to venture into the restaurant/bar industry and invested nearly a million dollars into his establishment, which he named: Seaside Bar & Grill. After eight months of construction, the business was finally ready to have its grand opening on March 17th, 2022.

Unfortunately, that was the day when Covid shut everything down. To this day, Marc is striving for the success of the business and has assembled a hard-working team who are dedicated to the same objective.

As if owning a restaurant was not enough, Marc Devisse chose to start catering and established his catering business—Bonita Catering.

He enjoys working with food and creating new dishes as well as managing another diversified business. He explains that there’s “a lot of planning and coordination involved in catering, and I like being able to see everything come together. My team always goes above and beyond, and I love seeing it happen!” He also takes a lot of pride in knowing that his food is bringing people joy.

Marc also operates a roofing and gutter business designed to give back to the community. He donates profits that he earns to local organizations and arranges projects such as cleaning up a beach.

Marc is an advocate for Real Men Wear Pink—an organization that assists in raising funds for breast cancer research. He aims to raise $100k for the organization in the coming years. Marc is also an advocate for Best Buddies—an organization that pairs individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities with a friend/mentor. He aims to raise $80k for Best Buddies.

Marc also works to give back to the community in another way—by sharing what he has learned throughout his journey in life. 

As such, he has a lot of counsel for younger individuals such as something as simple as taking a lot of pictures. He explains that time goes by fast and that you’ll want to look back and recollect your past experiences in life. 

On a more business-oriented note, Marc advises that you take your credit seriously as monthly payments on debt that you owe will just serve to deplete you. 

For those starting your own business, he advises: “have a plan, don’t go in blind. Work to learn always!”

Life and businesses are full of setbacks, and Marc has learned the significance of getting over them quickly and moving on to the next thing. He goes on to say: “The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that the first group figures stuff out.” So, if you run into a problem, don’t let that stop you; instead, work to overcome it.

A substantial but often underused piece of business advice is to, as Marc puts it: “Under-promise and over-deliver.” Customer satisfaction is key to any business’ success. By under-promising and over-delivering, you will be able to constantly exceed the customer’s expectations.

Marc also believes that it is important to: “Stay humble and never stop learning. Every situation in life is a learning opportunity, whether it’s something you think is great and want to adopt into your company or something that you don’t like and think needs to be done better.”

On a more philanthropic note, Marc explains: “Nobody has ever gone broke by giving back to their community. Volunteer. Put together company events that benefit your community.”

All in all, Marc Devisse is a testimony to what can be achieved if you are committed to the task at hand. Though he encountered many business struggles, he persisted. As a result, he was able to pursue his passion for giving back to his community—which has led him to undertake many philanthropic pursuits and even run for City Council.

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    The reader may be intrigued by the text, as it introduces Marc Devisse as an individual with multiple interesting and diverse qualities. The mention of “Entrepreneur” suggests that he is involved in business and may have achieved success in this field. The term “Philanthropist” indicates that he is also actively engaged in charitable activities, which could be seen as admirable. Finally, the inclusion of “Adventurer” implies that he enjoys taking risks and exploring new experiences, which may spark curiosity about the specific adventures he has embarked upon. Overall, the reader may be interested in learning more about Marc Devisse and his accomplishments in each of these areas.

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    The reader might find Marc Devisse’s profile intriguing and inspiring. As an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and adventurer, he seems to have a dynamic and multifaceted personality. The combination of these three roles suggests that he is not only focused on personal success but also on making a positive impact on society. I imagine that his entrepreneurial endeavors are driven by a desire to innovate and create value, while his philanthropic work reflects his compassion and willingness to give back. The inclusion of “adventurer” in his description hints at his adventurous spirit and possibly his desire to explore new horizons. Overall, Marc Devisse appears to be an individual who is not afraid to take risks, pursue his passions, and make a difference in the world.