Zachariah Smith Wife: A Love Story Above TheBounds Of Age

John Galsworthy fittingly stated that love acknowledges no age, no limits, and no conclusion. The partner of Zachariah Smith, Crysta Wilkerson, age 32, has challenged all stereotypes by marrying a teenager shortly after her divorce. 

Smith, a contestant on American Idol and a top contender to win the sought-after show, thrilled fans with his remarkable talent. 

Furthermore, his exceptional voice was not the only endearing trait. The audience admired his dedication to his significantly older spouse and three step-children. 

Smith and Crysta’s romantic journey sparked considerable interest throughout his American Idol adventure. 

Exclusively obtained reports by the U.S. Sun revealed that Crysta formally separated from her former husband in April 2022. 

Additionally, the former couple are parents of three children aged ten, nine, and five. Crysta and her unidentified husband were granted joint custody of their children. 

The reason behind Zachariah Smith’s American Idol spouse’s separation from her former husband was cited as ‘irreconcilable differences.’ 

Half a year later, in November 2022, the 19-year-old Zachariah Smith presented Crysta Wilkerson, 32, as his wife on his audition episode. 

The specifics of how this unconventional couple met, fell in love, and married within a few months remain a mystery to this day. 

According to some sources, Smith and Crysta got married around September 2022, two months before the commencement of the former’s American Idol journey. 

Regrettably, the Monroe County, Mississippi, Clerk was unable to verify this information. 

Zachariah Smith, American Idol finalist, has not addressed the rumors surrounding his marriage. 

Looking ahead, let’s delve into Zachariah Smith’s spouse, and her age, career, and personal life. 

Insights About Zachariah Smith’s Partner, Profession, and Age

As anticipated, one of the most common queries about the American Idol finalist is ‘how old is Zachariah Smith’s wife.’ 

Even though Crysta appears older than her husband in their photos, she openly acknowledges her age. It has been common knowledge from the start that she is 32 years old. 

After Smith introduced Crysta as his wife in his audition episode, people became curious about their initial encounter.

While the couple has not disclosed any details about their first meeting, some sources found out that Crysta is the manager of the Mississippi restaurant where Zachariah was employed. 

The restaurant has been in Crysta’s family for the past two decades, and it likely marks the beginning of Smith and Crysta’s unconventional love story. 

Additionally, Crysta is a dedicated mother of three children to whom she devotes her complete attention and affection. 

Rounding up the details about Zachariah Smith’s partner, let’s explore his American Idol journey, the event that propelled him and his family into the spotlight. 

Zachariah Smith’s Experience on American Idol

Undoubtedly, Zachariah Smith has amassed a sizable fanbase owing to his outstanding Southern vocals. 

Smith impressed the judges with his remarkable rendition of ‘Hurts So Good’ by John Mellencamp during his audition. 

The video of his audition has now amassed one million views on the video-sharing platform YouTube. 

Judges Katy Perry and Lionel Richie gave the singer a standing ovation, while Luke Bryan declared: “Go back to Amory, get your damn apron, get a little lighter fluid, burn the apron.”

Bryan even urged Smith to immediately quit his job flipping burgers back home.