Ashton Meem Net Worth As of 2023

Ashton Meem has a net worth of $4 million. She is a female entrepreneur from America who has made a name for herself in various business ventures.

Although Ashton has gained recognition in her own sphere, she is most famous for being the former spouse of Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

Ashton has been involved in a diverse range of business endeavors, including real estate and marketing, and has utilized her skills and wealth to establish herself as a triumphant businesswoman with a keen eye for fashion.

She continues to make significant strides within the business realm, serving as an inspiration for others to pursue similar paths.

Ashton Meem’s Relationship with Russell Wilson

Ashton Meem, a native of Virginia, had an unlikely connection with Russell Wilson during high school.

Born in Richmond, Ashton attended St. Catherine’s School, where she crossed paths with Russell, who was also a student there, despite being from a different state.

The two initially met at a teenage gathering. Although they initially pursued different college paths – Ashton to the University of Georgia and Russell to North Carolina State University – their bond strengthened over time.

Ashton eventually transferred to NC State, the same university as Russell, who subsequently transferred to the University of Wisconsin shortly after she did, where he completed his college education.

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