Tahoe Missing Girl Sparked A Massive Search Effort

There was a significant search effort involving hundreds of volunteers and law enforcement personnel after the disappearance of the teenage girl. It has been over a week since Kiely Rodni, a 16-year-old, vanished on August 6 following a party at Tahoe National Park, and officials are still actively searching for her.

The authorities are appealing to the public for assistance. Kiely is 5 feet 7 inches tall, weighs about 118 pounds, has blond hair, hazel eyes, a tattoo of the number “17” on her ribs, multiple piercings including one in her nose, and a nose ring. She was last seen driving a silver 2013 Honda CRV with the license plate number 8YUR127 in California. On the back window, there is a sticker in the shape of a ram’s head.

The events leading up to her disappearance are as follows:

Store Visit

Kiely visited a shop in Truckee, California, about six hours before her disappearance. She was wearing green Dickies pants and a black bodysuit with spaghetti straps, along with black Vans sneakers and a black grommet belt. A surveillance photograph of her was taken on that day.

Summer Gathering

An end-of-summer party took place in Tahoe National Park, attended by Kiely, who had graduated from high school early. It was a large gathering with around 300 guests. Kiely was driving a silver SUV. Although she did consume alcohol, her friends claim she would not have driven under the influence.

Text to Mother

Kiely’s mother, Lindsey Rodni-Nieman, received a text from Kiely stating that she would leave the party and head “straight home” within the next half an hour.

Reported Missing

The day after the party, Kiely’s phone emitted a single ping near the campground before shutting down. Her family reported her missing, and an investigation was launched.

Investigation Initiated by County Sheriff’s Office

The Placer County Sheriff’s Office established a tip line for information. Ground teams, helicopters, the FBI, California Highway Patrol, and search personnel have been involved. Despite these efforts, no trace of Kiely has been found.

Increased Involvement, August 10

The number of people involved in the search has grown to 265, with assistance from various law enforcement agencies. The authorities have received 300 tips and spent over 4,600 hours searching for Kiely.

Discovery on August 13

Search personnel found the skeletal remains of a dog at a “burial site” where a source had tipped them off. A video and a photo of a sweater were found, which are now being scrutinized for further leads.

Continued Effort

A confidential tip line has been established for anyone with information regarding Kiely’s disappearance and whereabouts. The family remains optimistic about finding Kiely and is asking for the public’s help.

Any information about Kiely’s whereabouts should be directed to the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office at 530-621-6600.

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