The Influencer With An Aerospace Engineering’ Degree: This Is Alex Mucci

Alex Mucci, an alternative model with nearly 4.5 million followers on Instagram: “Fame stumbled upon me unintentionally”

She goes by the name Alessia Mucci, recognized online as Alex Mucci or Alexis Mucci, and was born in Pescara on January 17, 1988. When she was 19, she relocated to northern Italy to pursue studies in aerospace engineering.

To support her education, she previously served as a bartender and completed her studies in 2013. Following this, she relocated to Australia.

While in Sydney, she also worked as a pastry chef until 2016, when – following a profound romantic disappointment – she made the decision to depart from Oceania and return to Italy.

The Soaring Fame After Heartbreak

“After returning to Italy to be with my family post my heartache in Australia… well, I swiftly experienced a revitalization. As I was rediscovering myself and my peace of mind, fame accidentally found me, and since then, I have primarily been engaged as an influencer, alternative model, and singer,” shared the young woman.

Alexis certainly did not anticipate that she would rapidly become one of the most respected and followed models not only in her homeland but worldwide, amassing a following of almost 5 million fans across various online and social platforms.

What’s her secret? “I have always possessed a strong artistic sensibility, I enjoy setting myself apart and surprising those around me,” and she adds, “I am often asked how I achieved this, and my response always remains: content, consistency, and individuality.”

Nowadays, with Instagram filled with models and influencers, it truly necessitates considerable effort to stand out, and Alexis, with her alluring, daring, and consistently unique photographs, has achieved great success. So much so that she even penetrated the Italian music industry, signing with the label of the renowned Italian rapper Jake la Furia (May 2019).

Her Motherhood Astonished the Entire Web

In December 2020, Alexis shared a picture of her pregnant belly in front of a mirror, informing her followers about her pregnancy, which shocked the online community. Her daughter, Asia Andrea, was born in August 2021 and is her mother’s pride and joy.

It appears that the young model has achieved precisely what she desired: she had previously expressed her wish to become a mother in several past interviews.

Fame Always Attracts Detractors

It is common knowledge that individuals who create sensual content are favored targets of detractors: it is easy to find numerous negative comments under their posts, left by those who criticize their lifestyle. Nevertheless, this seems not to faze Alexis, who, on the contrary, believes that the existence of detractors helps enhance her popularity: “Unfortunately, nowadays, hatred generates the greatest buzz!” she remarks.

Alexis does not allow herself to be discouraged by hatred and continually strives to combat the persistent stigma that has long plagued the category of alternative models and alluring creators: her speech at TedxAquila (June 2021) is widely renowned. On that day, an entire theater of spectators was deeply moved by her message of love.

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