All About David Crosby Parents – Where Are They Now?

  • David’s dad, Floyd Crosby, achieved an award as a cinematographer in 1931, and his mother was formerly employed as a salesperson at Macy’s store.
  • Jan Dance, David Crosby’s spouse, publicly announced his passing on Thursday, 19th January.
  • As per Jan Dance, the reason behind his passing was a prolonged illness.

Floyd Crosby and Aliph Van Cortland Whitehead are David Crosby‘s parents.

His father Floyd Crosby, a 1931 award-winning cinematographer, and his mother used to work as a salesperson in Macy’s store. Before venturing into Hollywood, Floyd worked on wall street.

In his extensive career in Hollywood, Floyd contributed to over 100 films. He also served as a cinematographer for Air Army Corps films produced for the US during World War II. He resigned from the Air Corps in 1946 before the completion.

Floyd Crosby is the child of Frederick Van Schoonhoven Crosby and Julia Floyd. He was born in Philadelphia and relocated to Los Angeles during his early years. 

Not much information is available about David Crosby’s mother. The pair remained married until they filed for divorce in 1960. Several years later, Floyd Crosby married Betty Cormack Andrews.

Floyd passed away on 30th September 1985 in Ojai, California, at the age of 85. 

What Occurred to David Crosby?

David, an esteemed songwriter/singer, widely known for his musical contributions, succumbed at the age of 81. He was a founding member of the band Stills & Nash. His partner is Jan Dance, with whom he exchanged vows in 1987, sharing 36 years together.

His passing was disclosed by his wife in a statement issued on Thursday, 19th January. 

She expressed, “It is with profound sorrow, following a long illness, that our cherished David Crosby has departed. Even though he is no longer amongst us, his benevolence and gentle spirit will perpetually lead and motivate us. His legacy will endure through his extraordinary music.”

As per David’s wife, Jan Dance, his passing was due to an extended illness. Crosby’s former colleague from the Nash band was deeply disheartened by his demise. 

He conveyed in a statement, “David was audacious in life and in music. He leaves behind a tremendous void in terms of sheer persona and talent in this world. He articulated his thoughts, his heart, and his enthusiasm through his exquisite music and leaves behind an incredible heritage. These are the things that hold the most significance.”

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