Baby Codi Bigsby Missing? Is He Alive Or Dead?

Cory Bigsby informed that his child was missing from a residence on ranalet drive in Buckroe Beach. More details have been uncovered about the case of the missing baby Codi.

The father of the young child, Cory Jamar Bigsby Sr., reported the disappearance of his son on January 31, 2022. He had last seen Codi asleep in his bed at around 2 a.m., but the child was gone later in the morning.

Many in the community are still dedicated to locating the young boy after more than 14 weeks, but they have been unsuccessful in finding him.

Volunteers have continued the search for the missing child, similar to a small team that combed the forests in Hampton’s northern area.

Keita Coleman asserted that she had scoured the nearby woods close to Codi’s residence.

This has been a tumultuous journey,” Coleman expressed. “We lack any answers. I feel that we have not made progress from day one to day 100 in discovering Codi’s whereabouts.”

Another volunteer, Joe Slabinski of W.A.T.E.R. Team Inc., has dedicated countless hours and covered several miles in the search for Codi.

He stated, “Until this little boy either is brought forward or is found, we will not cease in our quest for him.” Slabinski mentioned. “This young boy has facilitated our ability to unite. I believe that we have somewhat embraced Codi as our own. I think that’s why people remain engaged.”

According to a spokesperson for the Hampton Police Division, there have been no new developments in the case.

Coleman remarked, “It’s much simpler to turn away and disengage, but if I do that, then who remains,” Coleman stated. “I’m here appealing to bring him home.”

Codi’s Father apprehended on unrelated allegations

In the Hampton police’s probe into the boy’s disappearance, Codi’s father is a person of interest.

After reporting the boy missing, Bigsby remained at the Hampton police department’s main office for over three days.

On February 3rd, 2022, he was ultimately arrested on separate charges.

Bigsby was initially accused of abandoning his four children, aged 2 to 5, alone on multiple occasions and was charged with seven counts of criminal child neglect.

Subsequently, he faced 23 additional charges, including 15 counts of child neglect for allegedly leaving his children unattended at home, two counts of child abuse, four counts of child neglect related to the alleged abuse, and two misdemeanor counts of failing to seek medical attention for an injured child.

Bigsby and his attorney, Amina Matheny-Willard, assert that he is being portrayed as a victim in an ineffective police investigation and legal proceedings, and that he had no involvement in his son’s abduction.

His trial is scheduled for November 7, and he is in custody without bail.

His family stated that “He is not a criminal. They publicly addressed this for the first time since the disappearance of their four-year-old, Codi.

Callahan Walsh, the son of John Walsh, appears alongside his father in each episode of the show, delving into unresolved violent cases.

The younger Walsh collaborates with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (N.C.M.E.C.) to present age-progression images and descriptions in the hope that viewers can provide new leads on missing children.

Bigsby’s bail was denied by the court last month. Just a few days after Bigsby reported Codi missing, the police detained him on February 3rd.

Codi’s disappearance

Codi Bigsby was last seen wearing all-black clothing and Spiderman flip-flops and is believed to weigh between 60 and 80 pounds.

It has been 100 days since 4-year-old Codi Bigsby went missing.

The U.S.A. embassy in Costa Rica discovers Codi’s backpack after scouring the Corcovado national jungle with Jenkins, the last person to have seen Codi alive. 

Roman and Peggy, Codi’s parents, now know that their son survived the forest and returned to the small seaside hamlet of Puerto Jimenez.

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