Blake Bortles Girlfriend: Updates On His Relationship Status

Blake Bortles, the former football player, has been unattached since his split from his long-term partner, Lindsey Duke, in 2014. 

The couple had been in a relationship for an extended period and seemed absolutely compatible. However, following their separation, Bortles did not enter into another romantic relationship.

Despite remaining unwed, Bortles has two children whose biological mother remains undisclosed. There have been speculations recently about a potential reconciliation with Duke, but neither party has confirmed the news.

Following the end of his relationship with Duke, Bortles focused entirely on his NFL career. He achieved significant success with the team that selected him before serving as a backup for other teams.

Bortles and Duke had crossed paths while studying at Oviedo High School in Florida and had both attended the University of Central Florida. 

They had shared numerous images on their social media accounts and had traveled to various destinations for their vacations. Duke was elated and supportive when the Jacksonville Jaguars selected Bortles in the 2014 NFL draft. 

However, the couple parted ways the same year, with reports indicating that Bortles had been unfaithful to Duke. Since the breakup, Bortles has maintained privacy regarding his relationship status, and little is known about any potential romantic endeavors. 

He is recognized for his football career, having competed for various teams, including the Jacksonville Jaguars, Denver Broncos, Los Angeles Rams, Green Bay Packers, and New Orleans Saints.

In summary, Blake Bortles has been single since his split from Lindsey Duke in 2014. He has not disclosed the identity of his children’s biological mother and has kept his relationship status under wraps. 

Despite rumors of reuniting with Duke, no confirmation has been made. Bortles is best known for his successful NFL career.

Blake Bortles Offspring

Blake Bortles is not only renowned for his career as an NFL quarterback but is also a father to two young children.

While speculation abounds about their mother, the star has neither confirmed whether they were adopted nor revealed them to be his biological offspring.

A recent photo emerged on Facebook showing Blake with a blonde woman and two children, a boy and a girl the same age as his own kids. 

Uncertainty lingers about whether these individuals are indeed his family, but this has not prevented assumptions that they could be the Bortles family.

All about Lindsey Duke 

Lindsey Duke quickly garnered attention when she disclosed her relationship with football quarterback Blake Bortles. Following their breakup, millions of individuals sought her name on the internet out of curiosity.

Born on November 13, 1991, in Maitland, Florida, Lindsey was raised in Oviedo and moved to Orlando when her father, Craig, married Sultana.

During her high school years at Oviedo High School, her thriving romance with Bortles commenced; both continued their education at the University of Central Florida. 

Subsequently transitioning to a career in modeling around this time, Duke has since become a highly sought-after model in the United States.

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