Chris Stapleton’s Kids – Here’s What You Need To Know

The life of Chris Stapleton’s children is not a secret, all credit to their renowned father. 

Chris Stapleton has five kids with his spouse, Morgane: Ada, Waylon, Macon, Samuel, and another son.

Prior to the highly anticipated Super Bowl 2023 clash between the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs, vocalist Chris Stapleton’s moving performance left the audience teary-eyed. 

Stapleton’s emotive rendition of the National Anthem garnered an overwhelming amount of support and admiration from fans, who expressed their thoughts on Twitter.

Prior to his performance at the Super Bowl, Stapleton was recognized as a songwriter in the country music industry. His profile soared following a memorable appearance with Justin Timberlake at the 2015 Country Music Awards. 

Exploring the lives of Chris Stapleton’s offspring 

Chris and Morgane exchanged vows in 2007. Two years later, they welcomed their first child, son Waylon, 13. 

The couple’s second child, daughter Ada, 12, arrived shortly after. In 2018, Chris and Morgane were blessed with twin sons, Macon and Samuel, 4. Their fifth child, a boy, joined them in 2019, although they have yet to disclose his name.

Chris and Morgane have chosen to shield their kids from the public eye. According to The Boot, he stated, “I enlisted for this, but my children didn’t. I value my privacy, and I shield my children from it. They’re kids, and they deserve a chance to experience childhood.”

Despite the couple’s continuous efforts, the paparazzi have managed to infiltrate and gather information about the famous star Chris Stapleton’s kids. 

Chris and Morgane’s first-born, Waylon, came into the world in 2009, two years after their wedding. 

While Waylon has remained away from the limelight, Morgane has intermittently posted photos of her eldest son on Instagram over the years.

Waylon has also occasionally accompanied his parents and sister on the red carpet. In June 2019, Waylon graced the Toy Story 4 premiere donning a printed short-sleeve button-down shirt, black pants, and sneakers. 

Chris and Morgane’s second child and only daughter, Ada, was born in November 2010. She’s just a year younger than her older brother. 

Like her brother, Ada accompanied her famous father to the premiere of Toy Story 4 in 2019 and the ACM Awards in 2022. She sported a black suit, blue hair, sunglasses, and a vibrant orange-and-blue purse at the ACM Awards.

Chris and Morgane’s twin sons, Macon and Samuel, made their entrance into the world in April 2018. Reba McEntire proclaimed their arrival at the 53rd Academy of Country Music Awards.

Macon and Samuel arrived earlier than expected, and Morgane subsequently announced the news on Instagram alongside a photo of herself cradling the newborns.

Morgane revealed the birth of her and Chris’ youngest son on Mother’s Day. “The most perfect Mother’s day… I wish all you Mama’s the happiest of days today!” she captioned her post.

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The name of the couple’s youngest child has yet to be revealed.

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