Elon Musk Bedside Photo Reddit – What Did The Pictures Reveal?

An image of Elon Musk’s nightstand has become widely popular on social platforms such as Twitter and Reddit.

Elon Musk, the new CEO of Twitter, acknowledged sleeping with two pistols and a large collection of Diet Coke cans. 

Musk shared an image of his nightstand on social media. The picture features revolvers that seemed like props from movies and another that appeared to be a handgun from the 19th century. 

Several Diet Coke cans were also visible in the image. Musk posted the photograph with the caption ‘My nightstand.’

Musk revealed a photo of the items on his bedside table; despite the initial odd appearance, it aligns with Musk’s previous statements on topics ranging from soda to gun rights while offering a transparent glimpse into his world.

The scene depicted in the artwork portrays General George Washington leading troops through a blizzard across the frozen Delaware River.

This period in the American Revolutionary War is considered crucial. The artwork was created by Emanuel Leutze, a German-American artist. 

Based on their appearance, the guns may not be functional. One is an antique weapon that seems to be a relic, and the other appears to be a prop from a science fiction film or video game. 

Musk has always been a fan of Diet Coke and has previously voiced support for the right to bear arms. The absence of coasters was a point of concern for which Musk apologized, although the presence of the imitation firearms angered many Twitter users worried about gun safety.

In a subsequent tweet, he expressed regret for the lack of coasters and added, ‘no excuses for the absence of coasters.’

Both of the guns do not appear to be conventional weapons. The object displayed with the artwork seems to be a relic from the American Revolution. 

The actual painting is titled Washington Crossing the Delaware and was created in 1851. 

Elon Musk posted a few slides from his Twitter company talk, and that’s when all the attention began. 

Elon Musk’s slides for Twitter 2.0, the everything app, received a lot of attention, from the decrease in hate speech impressions to the reintroduction of verification. 

Reactions to the Tweet 

In the comment section of the Tweet, people quickly shared their opinions. 

The tweet, posted an hour ago, has 69,700 likes, over 5,000 retweets, and numerous comments. 

One person wrote, ‘You support a pro-gun culture? I thought you were an advocate of peace and humanity.’ 

‘Really pandering to the right lately,’ said another user. 

‘Elon, Coca-Cola is unhealthy,‘ said the third user. 

‘The tech mogul said it’s a great idea to raise the character limit from the current 280 to 420,’  in another tweet.

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