Entrepreneur Synonyms – Know Its Definitions from Successful Businesspersons

‘Businessperson’ is a French expression that conveys the notion of taking on, pursuing opportunities, satisfying demands, and satisfying needs of the people through originality and launching a business.  

A businessperson takes on a venture, creates it, raises funds to finance it, and bears the complete or significant portion of the risk of the business. In short, business is the process of bringing a new business into existence. 

As per the thesaurus.com, the equivalents of businessperson are: 

  • administrator 
  • contractor 
  • executive 
  • manager 
  • producer 
  • backer 
  • entrepreneur 
  • founder 
  • industrialist 
  • organizer 
  • promoter 
  • undertaker 

Let’s explore how other victorious business individuals define the notion of Businessperson:

A businessperson is someone who can conceive the business they want to create, envision its path, and put in the effort to achieve it. 

Mark Cuban | Shark Tank Investor 

Someone who envisions, creates, and advocates an idea that they are absolutely passionate about. That idea (it could be a product, book, consultancy) makes it easier for them to get up in the morning, work insane hours, and keep their mind buzzing. The businessperson can work alone, within a company, or in a group but feels restless at the thought of working a 9-5 job and obeying orders of anyone who isn’t resourceful and creative. 

Manoush Zomorodi | Author, Media Consultant 

Someone with the drive, tenacity, and mindset to revolutionize the world by addressing a need in the marketplace. 

I thought I’d share my interpretation of businessperson along with the responses from all of the business people who aided in making this article possible. 

Pete Sveen | Think Entrepreneurship Founder, DIY Pete 

To me, a businessperson is someone who views life from a slightly different perspective. They don’t perceive the usual obstacles that life presents and back away like most of us do. They interpret the word “no” as meaning “to find a different or better way”. They’re always learning, growing, and striving for higher objectives! 

Carrie Smith | Consultant and Blogger, Carefulcents.com 

A person who resolves problems for individuals, with a profit. 

Jared Joyce | Inventor and Businessperson 

A businessperson is an innovator, daring person who identifies a requirement in a market and finds a way to meet it, either using their expertise and passion, the knowledge of others, or a blend of the two. More succinctly, a businessperson is someone who spots an opportunity and invests in it to make a profit or provide a resolution to a larger issue in the world. 

Andrew Schrage | MoneyCrashers.com 

Businesspersons are commercially-minded individuals who can perceive what others cannot. They are willing to pursue their vision until they succeed and expand it once they attain it. 

Billy Cox | Get in the Game and Allstar Sales books 

The most defining characteristic of a businessperson is enthusiasm.  It helps to be assertive – assertive individuals deliver.  It helps to have a unique selling point – a distinctive selling point will give you a significant edge over your competitors.  It helps to be willing to fail – all my best business successes came following what initially seemed to be a big failure.  However, tremendous enthusiasm is what it really takes to build a successful business. 

Barbara Corcoran | Shark Tank Investor 

To me, a businessperson is a person who coordinates through their own determination, initiative, and resources with a degree of determination, collectively towards an effort to turn a business concept into a business reality. 

Luke Kupersmith | Source Consulting 

A person who has so much passion for an idea that they’re willing to stake nearly everything to bring their dream to life. 

Jared Tanner | Uplanders.com 

A businessperson is someone who establishes a new company from scratch. 

Brad Feld | Founder of TechStars, Investor, Author, Startup Communities 

A businessperson is someone who conceives an idea, charts a path to success, does whatever is necessary to succeed and strives to dominate their market! 

Matthew Toren | Blogger, Mentor, Investor, Small Business BIG Vision 

A businessperson is someone who creates something useful or pleasurable out of nothing. 

Michael Fitzgerald | Submittable.com 

What sets businesspersons apart from everybody else is a vision of something that doesn’t exist (either at all or in the form they envision) and the readiness to do what others are unwilling to do to make that vision a reality. 

Rob Irizarry | Tech Businessperson, Investor, Consultant, StartupBozeman.com 

A businessperson is someone who has a preference for action. Someone who views the world through a different perspective. Someone who sees “no” as a challenge, not a response. 

Matt Mickiewicz | Owner of 99Designs, Flippa, Sitepoint 

To me, a businessperson is someone who blends passion, innovation, and determination to turn a vision into a functional business. 

Jeet Banerjee | Founder of Statfuse.com 

The next two explanations of “businessperson”: one from Merriam-Webster’s dictionary and the other from Dictionary.com. 

  • Merriam-Webster: “one who organizes, manages and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise.” 
  • Dictionary.com: “a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, particularly a business, usually with significant initiative and risk.” 

If you aspire to be a businessperson, here’s an approach you should adopt: 

Businessperson + Capital = Products + Customers = Business. 

If you examine every successful businessperson around the world, that’s the formula that led them to their success. 

If you aspire to thrive in the realm of business, don’t begin with just wanting to be one. Commence with a customer problem and a product that solves it. Seek capital. Manufacture the product, market it, garner customers. Eventually, you will wake up and realize what you have become:

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