Exploring The Moon Phase Trend On Tiktok – The Soulmate Match

To join in the trend, users have the option to superimpose an image of the moon phase from their date of birth with their partner’s.

The trend’s originators propose that if the two moon phases coincide to form a full moon, it is an indication that the couple is more likely to be soulmates. However, it should be highlighted that this is simply a trend and lacks any scientific foundation.

Nevertheless, it can still be an entertaining endeavor to compare how well your moon phases align with those of your partner.

Similar to numerous other viral trends on TikTok, the moon phase romantic partner trend is just one of the many amusing activities users can participate in on the platform.

Guidelines for participating in the moon phase trend on tiktok

You can pursue these straightforward steps to experiment with the moon phase romantic partner TikTok trend.

Initially, visit the moon phases website and input your birthdate to view the corresponding moon phase.

Capture a screenshot of the image and adjust it to your preferred dimensions. Repeat the process with your partner’s details and moon phase, adjusting it to the same dimensions as the first image. Ensure you have downloaded the CapCut app and search for a video on TikTok that utilizes the CapCut template for the romantic partner trend.

Tap on “CapCut Try this template,” then “Use template in CapCut.” In CapCut, tap “use template,” and choose your two moon phase images from “Photos.”

Subsequently, you can modify the text to incorporate your and your partner’s birthdates. Finally, click “Add sound in TikTok” to export the video. The trend has been gaining momentum on TikTok, with countless individuals participating and sharing their outcomes.

The influence of moon phase trend on tiktok trend on your relationship

The moon phase romantic partner trend on TikTok has captivated the interest of users intrigued by comparing the moon phase of their birth with that of their partners to gauge their compatibility.

The moon phase romantic partner trend is amusing and should not be regarded as a prognosticator of the fate of your relationship.

It’s crucial to note that some individuals may have been born on a new moon, which means there would be no alignment unless their partners were born on a full moon.

Keeping in mind that this trend is not a scientifically endorsed relationship examination is essential.

Nevertheless, it can be an enjoyable and exhilarating experience to unearth what the sky looked like on the day you and your partner were born.

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