Jay Leno Photo Burns: The Comedian Posed Following His Discharge From The Hospital

Slightly over a week after sustaining serious burns in a garage fire at his residence, Jay Leno has been discharged from a burn hospital in California. 

Injured, yet still aiming to be humorous! The former Tonight Show presenter posed for pictures outside his medical facility with the nurses outside the hospital, displaying some of his burns. 

After enduring burn injuries in a car fire earlier this month, comedian and entertainer Jay Leno was released from a Los Angeles hospital on Monday, as per officials. 

Leno exhibits scars on his hands and neck in the initial image, which became public following the mishap.

The image was posted by the West Hills Hospital & Medical Center. 

The former Tonight Show host, 72, sustained significant burns on November 12 in his Los Angeles garage when a vintage car caught fire, according to his team.

‘Leno concluded a 10-day stay at the Grossman Burn Center, and his facial, chest, and hand burns will now be managed on an outpatient basis.’ 

Dr. Peter Grossman, a respected burn specialist and the hospital’s medical director, conveyed his contentment with Jay’s progress and expressed optimism that he would fully recuperate in a statement. 

As stated in a hospital declaration, ‘Jay would like to express his gratitude for the care he has received and is very grateful for all the good wishes. He sends wishes for a joyful holiday season and is eagerly anticipating celebrating Thanksgiving with his family and friends.’

Jay Leno is nearly as widely recognized for his passion for cars as he is for his comedic approach. 

As per DuPont Registry, a marketplace and magazine for rare and historic car enthusiasts, he maintains approximately 180 cars and 160 motorcycles in his garage near Hollywood Burbank Airport. 

How Did Jay Leno Get Injured?

Leno was working on a car when it caught fire in his Burbank garage, resulting in third-degree burns to his hands, face, and chest. 

He had to undergo surgery to treat those burns. Leno underwent surgical excision and grafting as part of his treatment, which involves removing damaged tissue to expedite wound healing and reduce the risk of infection.

Leno’s burns, according to Grossman, compromised much of the thickness of the skin in certain areas, necessitating the removal of unhealthy tissue. 

Leno made his first public appearance since the serious medical crisis, which left him with substantial second and third-degree burns on his face, chest, and hands, as per his physician, two days after the event. 

‘I sustained quite severe burns due to a gasoline fire. I am doing fine.’ Leno informed Variety last week that he only requires a week or two to get back on his feet. 

The incident occurred on November 12 at around 12:30 p.m. Following their arrival, BFD authorities assessed and treated one adult male patient before transporting him to a nearby emergency department.

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