Josh Duggar’s Wife And Their Seven Young Children Have Returned To The Living

In recent times, Josh Duggar from the TV series 19 Kids and Counting has encountered legal and personal difficulties. 

At present, the oldest offspring of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar is incarcerated in federal jail awaiting sentencing for his conviction related to child exploitation. He could potentially be sentenced to 20 years in prison for each charge. 

His spouse, Anna, has supported Josh throughout his trial, indicating that she has no plans to leave him. Let’s take a look at the couple and what the future may hold for them — including why Anna Duggar most likely won’t end her marriage with Josh Duggar.

Duggar was convicted on two charges: receiving child exploitation material and possessing child exploitation material.

Duggar appeared alongside the rest of his conservative Christian family in the reality show 19 Kids and Counting until 2015. The TLC program was cancelled around that time due to allegations against Josh, including the assault of five females. At the same time, he was a teenager, two of whom were his sisters.

On Dec. 9, 2021, Duggar was found guilty of receiving and possessing child exploitation material on one count each. For each offense, the 33-year-old faces up to 20 years in prison and fines of $250,000. 

Anna Duggar Made Some Difficult Decisions

Duggar’s spouse Anna has stood by him since the beginning. Even when she discovered that he had used Ashley Madison’s website to cheat on her, she still stood by him. Some argue that she has few other options. 

She reportedly stays at the Duggar family compound with her seven children in tow.

It seems that, at present, her in-laws are prepared to help her raise their children while Duggar serves his sentence. 

She has stated that she will remain married because her faith requires it, as their marriage is considered a covenant with their god. Meanwhile, others argue that she is trapped because she has few other choices to support her family.

Why Anna Duggar Most Likely Won’t End Her Marriage with Josh Duggar

There are various reasons to think that Anna won’t end her marriage with Josh. Here are just a few:

  • Josh’s parents can support her and her children while waiting for Josh to serve his sentence.
  • Josh’s parents have given her and the children a place to live.
  • The conservative Christian values the Duggars adhere to do not allow for divorce because marriage is seen as a covenant with their god.
  • Anna has no formal education or job experience to support her large family independently.
  • She has reportedly stated that she views divorce as a last resort.
  • As reported by Radar Online, Anna is deeply involved in the IBLP or the Institute in Basic Life Principles. The organization has come under scrutiny recently due to reported misconduct by girls who have suffered abuse at the hands of counselors.

Redditors have shared their opinions on the matter. One Redditor suggested an alternative: “Three words: Tell All Book. Find a good enough lawyer to throw out the NDA. Or her rich sister helps.

Another commented, “I hate to say it, but Anna will be his ‘dutiful wife’ and be by his side while he is in prison. He will have a miraculous ‘come to Jesus’ moment in jail that she will use as an excuse for why she stayed. [Jim Bob] and [Michelle] will take her in and ensure she remains faithful and committed to their little criminal, and Anna will be there for him when he gets out.

Anna has some difficult decisions to make in the coming weeks and months. Given her choices and her faith, the most likely scenario is that she will continue to live with her in-laws and support her. 

However, she could always turn the tables and go for the tell-all book like a Redditor suggested. 

If she decides to go this route, there is no telling what details could be uncovered about the Duggar family — and it could end in divorce for Josh and Anna Duggar.

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