Maryanne Trump Barry Net Worth At The Time Of Her Death

The financial prosperity achieved throughout her illustrious career as an American judge and prosecutor is reflected in Maryanne Trump Barry’s net worth.

Maryanne Trump Barry, the accomplished American judge and prosecutor, left a lasting legacy characterized by legal excellence and financial triumph. 

She was born on April 5, 1937, and embarked on a remarkable career that commenced with her position as an assistant US attorney in 1974 and culminated in her service as a Senior US Circuit Judge until her retirement in 2019. 

As the elder sister of former President Donald Trump, Maryanne’s journey intersected with family dynamics and the intricacies of public service. 

With an estimated net worth of $200 million at the time of her passing on November 13, 2023, her influence extended beyond the courtroom, leaving an indelible mark on the legal landscape.

Overview of Maryanne Trump Barry’s Life

Maryanne Trump Barry graduated from Hofstra University School of Law and embarked on her professional journey. 

She commenced her career as a prosecutor at the District of New Jersey U.S. Attorney’s Office, where she gained invaluable knowledge in criminal law. 

Maryanne’s rise in the legal profession was facilitated by early recognition of her unwavering dedication and exceptional legal aptitude.

As a Trump, Maryanne significantly benefited from her father’s real estate business. 

The largest windfall for the family occurred when the Trump siblings sold their father’s portfolio for a staggering $737.9 million in 2004. 

Maryanne Trump Barry Net Worth at the Time of Her Death

Following Fred Trump’s passing in 1999, various commercial centers and 37 apartments were left behind. 

For decades, each Trump child received substantial annual incentives from their father’s business.

Maryanne, a Republican, retired in 2019 after serving as a senior US Circuit Judge on the Third Circuit. 

Prior to that, she had been a New Jersey District Court judge from 1983 to 1999. 

Barry was appointed as a Circuit Judge in 1999 by President Bill Clinton, and she was later honored with the title of Senior Judge by President Obama in 2011.

Maryanne Trump Barry’s Family & Marriage

Maryanne Trump Barry had two marriages. Her first husband was David Desmond, a lawyer and executive at Trans World Airlines. 

They had a son named David William Desmond, who is also a lawyer. The couple separated in 1980.

Maryanne’s second spouse was John Barry, a trial and appellate lawyer. 

Maryanne Trump Barry Net Worth at the Time of Her Death

They were married in 1982 and remained together until his passing in 2000. They did not have any children together.

While Maryanne Trump Barry and her younger brother Donald were reportedly close, their relationship changed after he was elected President. 

She attended his election night rally and supported his 2016 presidential campaign.

However, she also expressed disagreement with his presidential behavior and policies.

In 2020, Mary L. Trump, her niece, released tapes where Maryanne Trump Barry could be heard criticizing Donald Trump.

How did Maryanne Trump die?

Maryanne Trump Barry, the elder sister of former President Donald Trump, passed away at the age of 86.

The news of her death was confirmed by multiple sources.

She died over the weekend from cancer while under hospice care in New York City.

The cause of her death has not been disclosed. 

Her passing marks the loss of a significant figure within the Trump family and brings sadness to those who knew her. May she rest in peace.

Maryanne Trump Barry’s Wealth

At the time of her passing in November 2023, Maryanne Trump Barry, the esteemed American judge, and prosecutor had an estimated net worth of $200 million.

Her financial success, coupled with a distinguished legal career, showcased the multifaceted achievements that marked her influential presence in both legal and public domains.

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