Matutu Nyabangey: CEO of HoookedUP

Conversation with Matutu Nyabangey, Creator & CEO of HoookedUP. He has been involved in the healthcare sector for approximately 10 years. He currently holds the position of CEO for a mental health organization based in Washington DC.

What inspired your business idea or concept?

The idea came to me after feeling disillusioned with the prevailing social media trend. While scrolling through Instagram, I was inundated with images of people either flaunting themselves or simply posing for approval. It struck me.

I pondered, wouldn’t it be fantastic to develop an application that facilitates genuine, meaningful connections, aimed at truly bringing people together and aiding them in real life, as opposed to seeking approval?

I sought inspiration and examined Apple’s groundbreaking transformation of the smartphone industry, realizing that I could do the same. This impelled me to create the first social media app with integrated functionalities, intended to empower individuals to authentically connect with others and providers, delivering a form of connectivity that no other app can offer!

How many individuals are currently employed by your company? 

Our company has a workforce of approximately 20 individuals. We have plans to expand our operations this year and generate job opportunities for more individuals.

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What guidance would you offer to other new entrepreneurs? 

Pursue your aspirations! Be a catalyst for change and establish a business that genuinely serves others. This is the cornerstone of success. When you prioritize people, everything else will fall into place.

What percentage of the market share do you aim to capture in the next 3 years? 

I am confident that we can secure 70% of the market share in the next 3 years.

What are the most and least favorable purchases you’ve ever made? 

I would say the best acquisition was my mother’s house. The worst was my Bentley GT. It was a lavish purchase that I honestly never required.

Who has been your strongest supporter in life? 

Both of my parents have consistently been my greatest advocates. I am truly grateful to them.

Which books do you peruse and recommend for inspiration and motivation? 

To be honest, I am not an avid reader, but I delight in exploring the web for more inspiring content.

What are your forthcoming plans? 

I intend to persist in innovating and constructing additional tools to assist more people in making meaningful connections at

How should individuals reach out to you? 

They can directly contact me at (my app). My username is Matutu Nyabange. They can directly message me there, and I typically respond promptly.

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