Mia Yim Austin Theory Photo Received Criticism From Fans

A viral image on social media shows Mia Yim posing with WWE United States champion Austin Theory.

Mia Yim faced backlash from fans after sharing a photo with WWE United States Champion Austin Theory, resulting in the reported deactivation of her Twitter account.

This week, a backstage picture of Yim and Theory at a WWE event went viral, with Yim holding up Theory and two packs of yogurt. The image is from the 2022 WWE Superstar Photo Shoot Outtakes collection on the WWE website.

Negative Response to the Photo

The image sparked genuine criticism from fans on social media, with many questioning Yim’s loyalty to her husband, AEW’s Keith Lee, and implying an affair with Theory.

Yim felt compelled to address the criticism on social media, ultimately leading to her decision to deactivate her Twitter account.

As of now, her Twitter account has either been disabled or completely wiped.

Prior to deactivating her account, Yim tweeted, “Ok, block button set to go. Apparently, I can’t take pictures or be thrilled about visiting old friends. I love my husband and can’t look away from him. I apologize for any offense. Friendship between men and women is possible without sexual tension.”

Fans continued their unwarranted criticism, even joking about Lee’s potential disapproval of the image.

Concern for Keith Lee

Those who criticized Yim about the picture showed concern for her husband, AEW star Keith Lee, as they felt Yim was disrespecting him by posing with Austin Theory in that manner.

Despite Yim’s assurances that she is committed to Lee and that their relationship is none of fans’ business, the criticism continued.

Yim and Lee have previously faced a barrage of negative remarks from fans, particularly during Lee’s absence from WWE due to severe COVID difficulties, which led to baseless accusations about his exit from the company.

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