Ms Jacky Oh Plastic Surgeon: Dr. Zach Addresses Controversy 

Following the unfortunate passing of Ms Jacky Oh, the plastic surgeon, Dr. Zachary Okhah, found himself embroiled in controversy and has now released a statement.

He chose to make his statement on Instagram on Friday without making any reference to Jacky Oh or the specific incident.

Dr. Zach, the respected proprietor and originator of PH-1 Miami Clinic, has encountered legal difficulties due to lawsuits filed by some of his former patients, alleging mishandled procedures. 

Despite these controversies, Dr. Zach has continuously affirmed his clinic’s unwavering dedication to providing exceptional, top-quality medical care.

In his announcement, Dr. Zach emphasized that all aesthetic procedures performed at PH-1 Miami adhere to “universally recognized medical standards.” 

He reiterated his full commitment to advancing techniques in plastic surgery to ensure the safest, most effective results possible.

Dr. Zach stressed that his staff ensured that each patient was “vetted, prepped, and treated” based on their medical history before undergoing surgery. 

Although he disabled the comments section of his post, Dr. Zach’s statement attracted a lot of criticism on social media.

Many social media users found it reprehensible that Dr. Zach did not acknowledge Oh’s passing or offer his condolences. 

Though Oh’s family has not released an official cause of death, she had traveled to Miami for a “mommy makeover” before her sudden passing.

The incident that sparked controversy

Ms. Jacky Oh, also known as Jacklyn Smith, was a 33-year-old mother of three and had been in a long-standing relationship with “Wild ‘N Out” star D.C. Young Fly.

Oh underwent a “mommy makeover” at Dr. Zach’s clinic before her sudden demise on May 31st.

Prior to the procedure, Oh shared a now-deleted post on her Instagram, featuring her in a disposable medical gown alongside Dr. Zach. 

In the post’s caption, she mentioned, “Getting ready for my mommy makeover with Dr. Zach!! Stay tuned to my YouTube for the full reveal!”

Since her passing, the police have initiated an investigation into the circumstances surrounding her death. 

While there has been no official cause of death, social media users have expressed concerns about the culpability of Dr. Zachary Okhah, the plastic surgeon who treated Ms Jacky Oh.

In spite of the social media backlash, the authorities have not officially pressed any charges against Dr. Zach in relation to Oh’s death.

Dr. Zach underscored that all procedures at his clinic comply with the highest standards.

He added that he and his team carefully assess each patient before carrying out their surgery. 

Ms Jacky Oh Plastic Surgeon: Worries and Criticisms

Despite Dr. Zach’s focus on patient safety, many social media users remain doubtful.

Some individuals highlighted the fact that the doctor’s former patients had sued him multiple times.

These individuals claimed that he mishandled their procedures.

Critics have argued that Dr. Zach should have acknowledged Oh’s passing and offered his condolences in his statement.

They have also reproached him for disabling the comments section of his Instagram post.

Social media users also expressed outrage over the deletion of Jacky’s post-operative photos from Dr. Zach’s Instagram page.

Moreover, netizens accused Dr. Zach of trying to hide evidence.

The evidence that the doctor is attempting to conceal could be used against him in legal proceedings.

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