New Orleans Mayor Scandal – LaToya Accused Of Extramarital Affair 

A scandal involving the mayor of New Orleans and an illicit affair has sparked controversy on social media. 

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell has refuted allegations of participating in an extramarital relationship, dismissing the claims as unfounded and asserting that they are based on gender bias. 

The 50-year-old New Orleans police officer Jeffrey Vappie’s wife has alleged in her revised divorce petition that her husband had a romantic involvement with a woman only referred to as “Mrs. L.C.” at the present time. 

LaToya Cantrell, the 50-year-old mayor of the city, has been identified as “Mrs. L.C.” by several local media outlets. 

In 2018, Cantrell became the first female mayor of the city of New Orleans. She is presently facing a recall campaign amid numerous financial scandals.

Danielle, Vappie’s wife, asserts that her husband has been having an affair with the mayor since May 2021, when he commenced working on Cantrell’s detail.

The mayor purportedly reached out to a journalist to counter the “false allegations,” claiming that she is frequently the subject of such accusations.

Cantrell also allegedly remarked that the accusations would not even be an issue if she were a man. The news organization and the mayor’s office have not yet addressed the issue.

This controversy emerges amidst the ongoing efforts to recall Cantrell, which revolve around concerns such as high crime rates, claims of malfeasance, and deficient infrastructure, among other things. 

The recall faces a substantial obstacle, necessitating over 20,000 signatures within the next five weeks.

This is not the first time that a female mayor in the United States has confronted a scandal. 

In 2018, Nashville Mayor Megan Barry resigned after revelations of her involvement in a relationship with a police officer on her security detail. Barry pleaded guilty to a charge related to the misuse of overtime hours, which she utilized to travel with the officer.

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