Robert Chambers Murderer- The Preppy Killer’s Infamous Crime

Robert Chambers assassin recognized as a fashionable and appealing young man, effortlessly blends in with the affluent community in Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

When an 18-year-old girl named Jennifer Levin’s partially unclothed body was discovered in Central Park in August 1986, his life underwent a dramatic change.

Inside Robert Chambers assassin tragic offense

In the wee hours of August 26, 1986, an individual riding a bicycle in Central Park stumbled upon something unsettling.

A woman’s body was sprawled near a tree and bore scratches and other marks.

Subsequently, they identified the woman as Jennifer Levin, who was merely 18 years old.

Earlier that night, she was spotted leaving a bar with a man named Robert Chambers Jr.

The media began labeling him as the “Central Park Strangler” and the “Preppy Killer.” 

Chambers had been the last person seen with a young girl, Levin, at a bar in the early hours of August 26, 1986. 

The police observed deep scratches on her face and body, which led them to consider him not only as a witness but also as a potential suspect in the murder of his acquaintance. 

In the end, Robert Chambers assassin confessed to causing Levin’s demise.

Levin was much smaller than him.

Chambers stated it happened inadvertently and explained that she initiated rough intimate activity he did not desire in the park.

During the trial, Chambers was apprehended and garnered significant media attention in New York City.

Robert’s attorney, Jack Litman, adopted a defense strategy that involved pointing the finger at Levin and portraying her as the instigator of the events that night. 

This approach angered Levin’s mother, Ellen Levin, who described Litman as dangerous and unmerciful towards her daughter. 

After a protracted trial, Chambers surprised everyone by agreeing to a plea bargain while the jury deliberated.

He pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter and received a sentence of five to 15 years in prison.

Chambers served the maximum sentence of 15 years behind bars. 

Ultimately, he was sent to Auburn State Prison, but later he was transferred to the Clinton Correctional Facility because he violated several rules.

He was found with drugs, and he even assaulted a guard.

Robert Chambers criminal history

Susan Zirinsky, a former senior producer for the television program “48 Hours,” noted that Chambers had a challenging time in prison and spent substantial time in solitary confinement during an interview she conducted in 2016.

In a 2003 interview for “48 Hours,” Chambers, who had been released from prison, argued that Levin’s death was an accident and expressed remorse for what had transpired.

He stated that he had no intention to harm or jeopardize her.

When Chambers was arrested once more in Harlem just over a year later, his hopes of reintegrating into society and securing full-time employment were dashed. 

This time, the police discovered materials linked to drugs in his car.

The authorities ascertained that Chambers grappled with drug use.

In 2005, Chambers faced another arrest on similar charges.

Then in 2008, he admitted to assaulting someone and selling drugs. 

He had been vending drugs from his girlfriend’s apartment in Manhattan. 

Subsequently, the court imposed on him a prison term of 19 years.

Chambers might be eligible for parole in January 2024.

While Chambers has spent most of his adult life behind bars, Jennifer Levin’s family continues to be deeply impacted by her premature death. 

Ellen Levin, Jennifer’s mother, expressed profound sorrow for losing her daughter and the aspirations that Jennifer would never realize. 

The anguish of this tragedy remains potent as the family grapples with Jennifer’s absence and the experiences she will never have, such as pursuing a career as a designer or having grandchildren.

Where is Chambers now?

Robert Chambers is currently housed in Wende Correctional Facility in Alden, New York.

Wende Correctional Facility is a highly secure prison located in upstate New York.

Chambers might have a possibility of parole on January 25, 2024. 

Chambers’ girlfriend, Shawn Kovell, terminated their relationship after he was convicted in 2008.

The legal proceedings and Chambers’ protracted sentence likely strained their relationship.

Chambers will be 57 years old by the time he is released from prison.

The release is contingent on him being granted parole in 2024.

Having spent a considerable amount of time in prison, this is a significant event for him.

Incarceration can permanently transform an individual, making it challenging to reintegrate into society.

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