Sam Hunt Wife Hannah Lee Fowler Alleges Cheating From Her Husband and Files for Divorce

PEOPLE has reported that Hannah Lee Fowler, the wife of Sam Hunt, a country singer, has initiated divorce proceedings, alleging that the star had been unfaithful, just before the anticipated birth of their first child.

Sam Hunt’s spouse has filed for divorce, citing adultery as the reason for terminating their 5-year marriage and 14-year relationship. 

In legal documents obtained by TMZ, Hannah Lee Fowler states that Sam is “responsible for inappropriate marital behavior” and “guilty of adultery”.

As per the boilerplate legal clause referred to by Hannah, “The husband is guilty of such cruel and inhumane treatment or behavior against the spouse that makes cohabitation dangerous or improper,

The documents reveal that Hannah did not inform Sam about her pregnancy, although she is due to give birth in May.

PEOPLE reports that neither Fowler nor a representative for Hunt has responded to the divorce and adultery allegations.

Fowler filed the paperwork in Tennessee, a state without a no-fault divorce law, and is seeking spousal support from Sam and primary custody of their impending child. 

She also seeks child support and a stipulation for separate property, which implies they might have a prenuptial agreement.

Hannah is requesting “temporary alimony, rehabilitative alimony, and permanent alimony” in relation to spousal support.

Subsequently, Hunt disclosed in an interview on The Bobby Bones Show that he proposed to his partner while vacationing in Israel.

Despite encountering a minor disagreement, the couple married in April 2017, although they have been in a relationship for over a decade.

Hunt has alluded to their relationship in his songs, despite keeping their romance mostly private.

One of Hunt’s songs, “Drinkin’ Too Much,” from the “Southside” album, captured his relationship with Fowler.

Additionally, Hunt has expressed a desire to expand their family, sharing on the TC & Dina radio show that he and Fowler had begun contemplating having children.

In 2019, Hunt faced accusations of driving under the influence and violating the open container law.

According to the arrest warrant, officers observed Hunt weaving between lanes and subsequently pulled him over.

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