Susan Bender Missing: The Disappearance Of  A Young Girl

The case of the missing Susan Bender was brought to attention on August 25, 1985. It revolves around a young girl whose disappearance is beyond understanding. 

Over the years, the case has become increasingly perplexing, sparking curiosity about the fate of Susan. 

Efforts are being made to uncover answers, in the hope that one day the truth about Susan’s disappearance will be revealed. 

Since her disappearance, numerous unusual events have unfolded, creating a narrative filled with questions, investigations, and the pursuit of justice.

The specifics of the disappearance of Susan Bender 

At the tender age of 15, Susan Bender vanished, leaving everyone in shock. 

What was meant to be a simple bus journey turned into a perplexing conundrum that would endure for many years. 

It all commenced on April 25, 1985, at the Modesto Greyhound bus depot.

That day, Susan was observed entering a green van, completely oblivious to the fact that this innocent act would lead to her mysterious disappearance.

The enigmatic vanishing of Bender 

Susan conversed with her friend and then utilized a payphone at the bus station. Around ten minutes later, a green van arrived.

In a puzzling turn of events, Susan entered the van unaccompanied, exhibiting no signs of distress.

 This bizarre situation became a focal point of the investigation, leaving numerous questions unresolved for an extended period.

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A Mother’s apprehension

Susan’s mother, Pat Bender, anxiously awaited her daughter’s return from her coastal adventure. 

Unbeknownst to her, days turned into weeks without any news from Susan. Worry soon turned into panic. 

By May 1, 1985, Pat Bender reported Susan missing. The community united in the search for the young girl, hoping for her safe return.

A trail of clues

As the investigation deepened, detectives uncovered troubling evidence hinting at foul play in Susan Bender’s disappearance.

 A male person of interest came under scrutiny when found in possession of Susan’s diary, phone book, and clothing.

 While being questioned, the absence of a body made it challenging to charge the individual with any offense. The case underscored the challenges of seeking justice without concrete evidence.

Raymond Lewis Stafford’s Detainment

Recently, the Modesto Police Department announced the apprehension of Raymond Lewis Stafford in connection with the case of the missing Susan Bender.

Detectives had obtained an arrest warrant for Stafford earlier in August, and he was taken into custody by the Van Zandt County Sheriff’s Department in Texas. 

Stafford now faces charges of murder with particular circumstances. The arrest signifies a significant breakthrough in a case that had long gone cold.

Stafford’s criminal past

Raymond Lewis Stafford’s criminal history has come to light. Stafford, also known by the alias Gregg Tunningley, is a registered s*x offender. 

The Texas Public s*x Offender Registry indicates that he was required to register as a s*x offender after being accused of abusing a 13-year-old girl in California in 1994.

The discovery raises questions about the extent of Stafford’s criminal activities and his potential involvement in Susan Bender’s disappearance.

Cracking the cold case and new clues emerge 

The investigation into Susan Bender’s disappearance was rekindled in 2021 when the Modesto Police Department reopened the case. 

Advancements in technology provide hope for fresh leads and insights. 

Two years after reopening the investigation, detectives have made significant progress in uncovering the truth.

 The tale of Susan Bender’s disappearance once again grabbed headlines as the case regained momentum.

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