What Happened On December 3? Why Is It Viral On Tiktok?

What transpired on December 3? What led to its Tiktok notoriety? As this date gains traction, many TikTok users are inquisitive about this. However, what is the significance behind it?

For TikTok users, December 3 holds paramount importance. The app is renowned for its viral phenomena, and December 3 is the latest addition to this trend. 

The occurrence on December 3 is related to Conan Gray’s track “Heather.”

The introduction of the song reads as follows:

‘I distinctly remember December 3, when I donned your sweater and you confessed it looked better on me than it did on you.’

The song alludes to someone yearning for their crush, and the specific date mentioned, December 3, has caused the recent surge in trends. 

Social media is abuzz with discussions about this trend, declarations of affection for current infatuations, and reflections on falling in love, all intertwined with December 3.

People have developed their own speculations due to the song’s ability to captivate the audience. 

Some individuals have sung along to the song and believe that the ideal way to express affection for someone is by gifting them their favorite sweater.

How Did It Gain Popularity?

The buzz around this date took off two years ago, starting on December 3.

The trend gained momentum in 2020, inundating TikTok with references to December 3, igniting its widespread popularity. Since then, it has become an annual tradition. 

On this specific day, users incorporate “Heather” into the background of their posted videos.

In homage to the 1988 film “Heathers,” the term is often used to depict a popular and attractive girl. 

The song revolves around the singer’s longing for their crush, Heather, who reciprocates their affections.

Online users have taken it a step further, aspiring to find love by making advances toward their crush or being the object of someone’s affection on this date. 

On this day, they anticipate either receiving or gifting a sweater to their crush. For some, simply donning a sweater and playing “Heather” on repeat suffices.

The track “Heather” is part of Conan’s upcoming album “Kid Krow”. The artist described the song’s intent as follows:

‘I believe everyone has a Heather in their life. It’s about a girl named Heather. I truly adored the person infatuated with Heather. I detested Heather because they didn’t reciprocate my feelings.’

Conon Gray- The Initiator of the Craze

Conan Gray is an American singer-songwriter renowned for his tracks “Heather,” “The Other Side,” and “Crush Culture.” The Texas-born, half-Irish, half-Japanese vocalist first gained recognition on YouTube.

He pursued studies at UCLA but paused to focus on his musical pursuits. He initiated his YouTube presence at a young age.

His videos feature a blend of original compositions, covers, and informal chats or cooking sessions with friends.

Even though he began creating music at 12, his Extended Play (EP) “Sunset Season” wasn’t released through Republic Records until 2018. Gray disclosed that he commenced work on his EP after relocating to California to attend UCLA.

Conan often cites The Dixie Chicks, Lana Del Rey, and Adele as his musical influences. He is also an avid admirer of Taylor Swift.

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