Where Will Cristiano Ronaldo Play Next? Latest Update 2022

What’s the potential next stop for Cristiano Ronaldo? This has been the most frequently asked question on the internet as Cristiano Ronaldo’s supporters have been eager to learn about his future plans.

Last summer, Cristiano made a comeback to Manchester United. It was reported that Ronaldo’s no. 7 jersey set a new record for being the best and quickest-selling jersey in history. 

However, last year was also full of uncertainties due to rumors of a possible transfer and disputes between him and his manager, Erik Ten Hag. 

At the beginning of this year, Ronaldo was observed to be struggling and spending most of his time on the bench. His manager, Ten Hag, was exploring other options while the team was on the field. 

Hag opted for Anthony Martial or Marcus Rashford instead of Ronaldo during this season. 

Gary Neville, Former United defender, informed Sky Sports, “It has to stop.”

Gary added, “Cristiano Ronaldo should find another club where he can play every week because he cannot accept being on the bench. That’s acceptable, but either resolve it this week or make a truce to make it to the World Cup and then end it.”

Videos were circulated last week showing Ronaldo walking down the touchline and into the tunnel. Spectators witnessed the 37-year-old renowned footballer leaving the game before it concluded. 

On the same day he departed the game early, his team secured a 2-0 victory. 

According to the Athletic, an official statement confirmed that Ronaldo was penalized, resulting in his exclusion from the team for the match against Chelsea on Saturday. 

Neville claimed that Ronaldo had departed Old Trafford for the second time. It was reported that Ronaldo got into his vehicle and drove off before his team returned to their changing room following the 2-0 win. 

Neville added, “I have to say, as someone in the dressing room, this is unacceptable. When you consider whether Cristiano should be chosen or not, Manchester United performs better without him, and Erik ten Hag knows that.”

It was evident that Ronaldo’s relationship with the club had deteriorated when he requested a transfer before the start of this season, ultimately missing the pre-season.  

The 37-year-old has encountered some performance issues during his on-field practice. In his eight appearances this season, Ronaldo has only scored one goal and has spent six appearances on the bench.

Ronaldo has achieved 700 club goals, with the most recent one scored this month. However, due to his performance problems and leaving the stadium before the game ended, many clubs are uncertain about signing him. 

However, in a recent interview with Ten Hag, he was asked if his team missed Ronaldo during their match with Chelsea. Ten Hag said that Ronaldo is valuable for “us,” and he knows how to score goals. 

He added, “We need him, that is clear. I think I have said enough about this situation.” But, there are rumors indicating that Ronaldo might depart from Manchester United. 

The manager, Ten Hag, and Ronaldo have not issued any statement yet, so nothing can be predicted until they provide some information on this. 

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    As a reader, I am intrigued to know where Cristiano Ronaldo will play next in 2022. Ronaldo is a highly talented and successful football player, and his next move has generated a lot of speculation and excitement among fans. I am eager to learn about the latest update on his potential transfer or contract extension. Ronaldo’s decision will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the football landscape, and I am curious to see which club will secure his services.