Who Are The American Icon Eddie Murphy’s Kids?

Eddie Murphy has been a celebrated actor, comedian, writer, producer, and vocalist for many years. Throughout his career, he has received awards, achieved box office success, and earned numerous award nominations. 

Off-camera, Eddie has shown a lifelong commitment to fatherhood – fathering a total of ten children across five relationships. He has four sons and six daughters.

Eddie Murphy’s bond with his extensive brood adds an essential dimension to his professional accomplishments, demonstrating his dedication to leaving a lasting legacy beyond the entertainment industry.

A Glance at Eddie Murphy’s Progeny 

Eddie Murphy has solidified his status as a global icon, gracing the screens of successful television, film, and theatre productions. 

However, his life took an unexpected turn when he realized that he officially acknowledges nine offspring.

Eddie was married to Nicole Mitchell for twenty-three years before their separation in 2006; Nicole became the adoptive parent of Eddie’s five subsequent children, Bria, Myles, Shayne, Zola, and Bella. 

Christian is Eddie’s son from his former partner Tamara Hood, while Angel’s existence only came to light in 2007 – her mother is Melanie Brown, a former member of the Spice Girls.

Eddie’s current partner Paige Butcher is the mother of two more of Eddie Murphy’s children: Izzy and Max. Eddie has certainly been engrossed with expanding his ever-growing family.

In a rare tribute to his family, Eddie spoke highly of the qualities of his children. “My children are intelligent and dedicated. He said, “I am blessed with my children, who are well-behaved and respectful.”

“I don’t have one bad seed,” the proud father affectionately stated. Furthermore, “I don’t have any like ‘Oh, you are the one.’ I don’t have any of that. My kids are so great, regular people – and nobody is like the Hollywood jerk kid.”

When Eddie and his then-partner Paulette McNeely welcomed their first child, Eric, on July 10, 1989, they experienced the joy of parenthood for the first time. Eric, Eddie’s eldest.

Similar to his mother, Eric stayed away from social media until mid-2021, when he began dating Jasmin Lawrence, the daughter of Martin Lawrence. He is currently madly in love.”

Christian was born in 1990, the same year as Eric and Bria. He is Eddie’s child from his former partner, Tamara Hood. Like his half-brother Eric, Christian maintains a low profile on social media and has not pursued an acting career like his siblings.

Shayne, Eddie’s fifth child and his third with Nicole, was born on October 10, 1994. Shayne showcased her talents on the small screen when she appeared on VH1’s Hollywood Exes in 2014 alongside her mother.

On December 24, 1999, Eddie and Nicole welcomed Zola, the actor’s sixth child. Although Zola has not yet ventured into acting like her father, she has made appearances in Hollywood with her mother and older sister. 

Eddie and Nicole welcomed Bella, their seventh child, on January 29, 2002. Bella is pursuing a career in Hollywood. 

She made her acting debut in the 2021 film Coming to 2 America alongside her father, and the following year, she appeared in an episode of Hulu’s Dollface.

Following five children and nearly 30 years of marriage, Eddie and Nicole divorced in 2006. However, the arrival of his daughter Angel on April 3, 2007, made him a father once again.

Eddie Murphy has a large, ever-growing family. He shares a daughter, Angel, with Mel B., and despite the end of their relationship, Eddie has embraced the role of raising Angel as his own.

Eddie later had Izzy with Paige Butcher and welcomed Max in November 2018. All 10 of Eddie’s children are often photographed together, attending high-profile events with their father.

This illustrates Eddie’s commitment to being a strong paternal figure for all of Eddie Murphy’s offspring.

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