10 Valuable Features To Jumpstart Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is undeniably one of the most popular social networks focused on the business world internationally. 

With its extensive network of over 830 million members, a remarkable figure, business professionals can perceive it as the most thriving professional place to discuss and share business ideas and discover new opportunities.

Entrepreneurs, job seekers, mentors, and many others have found LinkedIn to be a valuable addition to the digital world. 

Gone are the days of hard copies of CVs and resumes; now, with just a few clicks, applicants can attract attention. 

With its presence in over 200 countries, LinkedIn advances professional engagement to new levels.

However, along with this vast pool of professional opportunities, there exists a lack of understanding of the platform’s features. 

To enhance the effectiveness of any user on the platform, it is crucial to assess the platform and comprehend some key features. 

This article aims to elucidate some of these features so that the user can optimize their time to accomplish their objectives.

10 Valuable Attributes LinkedIn Features That You Should Begin Utilizing

Below are some features of LinkedIn that the reader may or may not be aware of on the platform. 

1. Concealing LinkedIn Contacts

A significant aspect of LinkedIn, of which many daily users are unaware, is the capability to hide and obstruct other people from viewing your contact list. 

The user can control the exposure of their network list and decide whether it is open for additional connections or people outside the user’s network. 

This feature is increasingly important for entrepreneurs and other business leaders who need to safeguard their privacy, as their list may contain crucial supply chain contacts or valuable talent that the company may need to retain. 

2. Exporting Connections

LinkedIn had one of its most well-known features removed from the website and later added back due to popular demand. 

Users can export their connections list to wherever they wish, and in popular formats as well. The contacts can be obtained in a .CSV format, a spreadsheet, or VCF format. 

The exported contact list contains the names of the contacts, company names, titles, and email addresses. 

These can then be utilized as per the user’s preference, either by managing them with CRMs or other databases. 

3. Researching in Privacy

One of the most crucial aspects of business talent is the recruitment process and the subsequent filtering of applications. 

There are many HR departments that value privacy when conducting due diligence on prospective employees. 

LinkedIn features an anonymous option that enables users to recruit potential talent and leads discreetly. 

Discreet research is now at your fingertips. The company or user being researched will not be able to find out who viewed their profile or sought them. 

4. Skills and Endorsements Management

For active users on any social media platform, it is common knowledge that regular daily activity is important to stand out from the crowd. 

Whether it is for business marketing purposes, to recruit new talent, or to create a brand image, listing precise skills becomes imperative.

Other people in the user’s network can vouch for the listed skillset as well. This endorsement adds further credibility to the user’s profile, making it easier for employers and companies to find the exact match they are looking for. 

Profile visibility increases as a result, and search engines rank the users higher. 

5. Pronunciation of Profile Name

Always assist others in pronouncing your names correctly. Sometimes, it is challenging for people to pronounce unique names, and they may struggle when saying it out loud. 

Therefore, it is better to make it simpler for others to get to know you better. 

Simply posting an audio clip of how to pronounce your name correctly will help people to connect with you more. 

It exhibits your brand’s empathy, relieving some of the burden on a new contact who would otherwise have to guess.

6. Saving Searches

Searches have become second nature to researchers and inquisitive minds nowadays.

Prospective applicants, employers, and businesses conduct numerous searches and may get lost due to the increasing volumes. Users may wish to learn courses, search for opportunities, or find other posts. 

LinkedIn allows users to save their searches so that they can save time and manage their schedule efficiently. 

All of the saved searches can be accessed later, and can even be set as a reminder so that automated criteria can help remind users of their searches or queries. 

7. Ability to Add Media Files to User’s Profile

Many experienced LinkedIn users are unaware that their profiles have the ability to add media files. These files may include documents, photos, videos, presentations, etc. 

One reason for adding media files to users’ profiles is to authenticate them and show samples of the user’s work and projects. 

All of the media can be attached in various formats to provide users with a seamless experience.

8. Reactivating Inactive Accounts by Merging

Many individuals, in their early business searches and careers, created accounts which are now dormant due to various reasons. 

However, some information on those dormant accounts may be useful later on, and users may require access to those accounts. LinkedIn enables users to merge inactive accounts with their active ones.

All connections of those dormant accounts will redirect incoming activities to the newly merged account so that users can organize their data and manage all their information as per their needs.

9. LinkedIn Live Real-time Engagement

New marketing activities have propelled customer engagement to unexplored levels. 

Live video is a feature of LinkedIn that enables users and brands to attain real-time engagement through events, allowing customers to interact with their brands via Q&A sessions and other activities. 

Users and brands can also initiate live videos for various production activities. 

10. Private Messaging without Connecting with Users

LinkedIn Premium membership allows users to send messages to anyone within or outside their network. 

This makes pinpointing leads and attracting other people fairly easy. This feature may not seem significant, but it is monumental in terms of customer and user engagement. 

Not having other people on your list is a barrier to engagement, and companies are continuously seeking new ways to target and communicate with new users. This feature comes in handy for all those interested. 


LinkedIn continuously experiments and introduces new elements to its platform to enable users to benefit from and utilize the platform to its full potential. 

This article has attempted to highlight some of these features so that entrepreneurs and users can take advantage of them. Now, engagement will become more accessible for users looking for an edge.

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