Alex Murdaugh Jail Photo Depicts His Transition To Prison

Following the conviction of disbarred attorney Alex Murdaugh for the brutal slaying of his wife, Maggie, and their son, Paul, his jail photograph was made public.

His appearance in prison starkly contrasts with his former self. Alex, previously known for his distinctive reddish hair, now sports a completely shaved head in the mugshot.

Some observers suggest that the prison environment suits him, as the bright yellow jumpsuit seems to complement his features.

Reportedly, shaving the prisoner’s head is a customary procedure, leaving Alex with no say in the matter.

The new mug shot was taken shortly after his sentencing at a South Carolina courthouse. The jury’s decision, reached on Thursday, March 2nd, found Alex guilty on two counts of murder and two counts of weapon possession related to the June 7, 2021, fatal shooting near the family’s 1,770-acre hunting estate.

Neither the testimony of Alex nor his surviving son could avert the prison sentence. The consecutive life sentences ensure that the disgraced lawyer and convicted murderer will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Although his motive remains unclear, authorities believe that the murders were a result of Murdaugh’s escalating personal and financial struggles.

Prior to sentencing, Murdaugh maintained his innocence, claiming, “I would never hurt my wife, Maggie. And I would never hurt my son Paul.”

Before addressing the court, prosecutor Creighton Waters called Murdaugh a “cunning manipulator,” expressing that he placed himself above all others, even his own family.

Throughout the trial, Murdaugh persisted in proclaiming his innocence, even after his alibi was debunked.

Following his conviction, an outspoken juror revealed that cell phone evidence presented during the trial solidified their belief in Murdaugh’s guilt.

“I was certain it was [Murdaugh’s] voice,” shared Juror Craig Moyer. “Everybody else could hear [Murdaugh’s voice] too.”

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