Ashley Barkis Car Accident: Who Is Ashley Barkis?

In May 2021, a video of a violent confrontation after a car crash became viral. Ashley Barkis, a resident of Oceanside, was observed rushing toward the other driver, hurling discriminatory queries, and shoving them into oncoming traffic.

Reportedly, this incident occurred in San Diego. The footage incited fury on social media, with people denouncing Ashley as a bigot and racist.

In this piece, we will furnish additional details and evidence regarding the episode that caused Ashley Barkis’s car accident and viral video.

Ashley Barkis: The Woman in the Viral Video

Ashley Barkis, recognized as ‘SAVAGE’ on Instagram, was identified as the woman in the viral video.

Her Instagram and TikTok accounts were deactivated shortly after the video emerged. As per her LinkedIn profile, she holds a position as a sales manager at a gym known as 24 Hour Fitness.

Nevertheless, the gym clarified that Ashley hadn’t been part of their team for several years.

The Incident: What Transpired?

In the video, Ashley was observed furiously approaching the other driver, hurling racial slurs. She alleged that the other driver had collided with her car and demanded to see his driver’s license and insurance documents.

Upon the driver presenting his license, Ashley forcefully discarded it, physically assaulting the man and others with him. At one point, Ashley kicked the man into the moving traffic, causing him to land dangerously close to a speeding car.

The video also exhibited images of bruises sustained by the other driver’s family members due to Ashley’s actions.

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Netizens’ Indignation and Calls for Ashley’s Detention

Social media users expressed their outrage at Ashley’s violent conduct and discriminatory comments. They urged her arrest for attempting to kill the other driver by shoving him into oncoming traffic.

Some individuals identified Ashley as an influencer who posts videos of her song covers on Instagram. However, she appeared to have deleted or deactivated her Instagram and TikTok accounts once people started commenting on her posts regarding the incident.

Judicial Proceedings against Ashley

There is no official verification regarding whether Ashley has been arrested. Nevertheless, certain Twitter users assert that she was subsequently apprehended.

The identities of the people from the other car whom Ashley Barkis assaulted are yet to be disclosed. It is also unknown whether the family lodged a legal complaint against the young woman.

The Implications

The viral video of Ashley Barkis’s confrontation after a car accident has triggered outrage on social media.

Ashley’s violent conduct and discriminatory remarks have drawn condemnation from netizens, who have demanded her arrest.

There is no official confirmation on whether legal measures have been taken against Ashley. Nevertheless, the incident underscores the necessity of responsible and respectful behavior on the roads.

We hope that incidents like this will serve as a precautionary example and prompt people to treat others with kindness and respect, even in stressful circumstances.

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