Ashley Sparks Obituary: Paying Respects To A Radiant Soul

Ashley Sparks, a dynamic and exuberant soul, departed from this world on December 8, 2018, leaving behind a heritage of affection and happiness. 

She was born on June 16, 1993, in Oxford, Ohio, and was the cherished offspring of Joseph Darrin Sparks and Delores Mae Sparks. 

Ashley’s passage through life was distinguished by her devotion to her offspring and her altruistic nature, which resonated with everyone she encountered. 

As we bid her adieu, we reflect on the life of an extraordinary woman who motivated us to embrace life fully and love unconditionally. 

Below are the details of Ashley Sparks memorial service. 

A nurturing mother and sibling

The memory of Ashley Sparks will forever thrive in the hearts of her loved ones. 

She leaves behind three beloved sons – Jayce Rhylan Page, Dorian Grey Sparks, and Matthew Lawrence Thompson Jr., and a daughter, Milah Mae Sparks. 

Furthermore, her unborn daughter, Kylenn Grace Sparks, held a special place in Ashley’s heart. 

In the midst of their sorrow, Ashley’s family finds solace in the recollections of her love for her children and the dedication she exhibited as a devoted mother. 

Ashley also shared a special bond with her siblings, Joseph Darrin Sparks, and Delores Mae Sparks, who grieve her departure. 

The memory of their sister will be cherished in their hearts forever.

Recalling Ashley’s family & loved ones

Ashley Sparks was deeply loved and leaves behind a family who will reminisce about her with a profound sense of loss. 

Among them is her grandmother, Patricia DeSonie, who had a profound impact on Ashley’s life. 

Her brothers, Dustin Joseph Sparks (Jessica) and Matthew Jordan Sparks (Madison), and sister Cindy McKinney Elston, shared an unbreakable bond with Ashley. 

In addition, her close friend, Jessica Craven, held a cherished place in her heart. 

Ashley’s uncles, aunts, cousins, and dear friends also mourn her loss deeply. 

It is apparent that Ashley Sparks’ effect was felt far and wide.

Farewell ceremony & visitation

The Community Family Funeral Home welcomed visitors on Tuesday, December 11, from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM. 

Friends and family had the opportunity to pay their respects to Ashley. 

The funeral services took place at the funeral home on December 12 at 11:00 AM, where Ashley’s life was celebrated and cherished. 

It was a day of solemn reflection, as Ashley’s loved ones bid her a final adieu.

Celebrating Ashley’s life and passions

Ashley Sparks’ fervor for learning and nurturing her personal growth was evident throughout her life. 

Her educational journey took her to St. Mary Bay View Academy, RI College, and LaSalle Academy, where she graduated in 2013. 

She was a talented artist who found solace in her drawings, as well as dance, karate, and various sports. 

The infectious smile Ashley wore radiated her vibrant spirit, and her zest for life could be felt in the air.

She found joy in spending time with loved ones, traveling, and embracing life fully. 

Her strong belief in God and sharing her faith with others was a cornerstone of her life.

Recalling Ashley’s professional life

Ashley Sparks embarked on a professional journey as a real estate leasing agent, where she made a positive impact on the lives of others. 

Her skills also extended to the sales and hotel sectors, where she left a lasting impression on those she worked with. 

Her kindness, professionalism, and enthusiasm made her a beloved figure in the industry, where she forged many lasting relationships.

What occurred with Ashley Sparks?

On December 8, 2018, the world was engulfed in immeasurable sorrow as we bid farewell to Ashley Sparks, a radiant soul whose essence now resides solely in our memories. 

Born on June 16, 1993, in Oxford, Ohio, she brought profound joy to her loving parents, Joseph Darrin Sparks and Delores Mae Sparks. 

During her education at Hamilton Southeastern High School and Options Charter School, Ashley found solace in expressing herself through drawing.

However, it was her boundless love for her children that truly defined her existence. 

Having lost their precious daughter, Joseph and Delores are left with an unfillable void.

Her absence weighs heavily on the hearts of her three sons: Jayce Rhylan Page, Dorian Grey Sparks, and Matthew Lawrence Thompson Jr. 

The loss is further felt with the absence of two cherished daughters: Milah Mae Sparks and an unborn daughter, Kylenn Grace Sparks. 

The pain echoes through the lives of her devoted brothers, Dustin Joseph Sparks and Matthew Jordan Sparks, as well as her grandmother Patricia DeSonie, aunts, uncles, cousins, and dear friends.

A beacon of support, Jessica Craven, remained by Ashley’s side throughout her all-too-short journey. 

In the hallowed grounds of Goshen Cemetery, Ashley found her final resting place, joining her beloved maternal grandfather, Richard DeSonie, and paternal grandparents, Joe and Edna Sparks. 

The heartfelt love and passion she shared with her children, along with her vibrant spirit, continue to resonate within us.

May her gentle soul find eternal peace as her indomitable legacy shines on, reminding us of life’s fragility and the enduring power of love.

Ashley Sparks memorial

In the midst of despair, we remember the profound loss of Ashley Nicole Sparks, whose vibrant spirit was tragically extinguished on December 8th, 2018. 

The details surrounding her passing remain shrouded in uncertainty, deepening the sorrow that envelops us.

Ashley’s departure leaves an ache in the hearts of all who knew her.

Her memory will live in their hearts.

Though we may never fully comprehend the depths of her pain, we honor the indomitable spirit she displayed throughout her journey. 

Her family and friends are dealing with the inexplicable loss. 

We find solace in the memories she left behind, cherishing the moments of love and laughter she gifted us. 

Ashley Sparks memorial provided her family and friends with the opportunity to mourn her untimely demise.

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