Ben Renick Murder – The Police Found Him Dead

In June 2017, Ben Renick was discovered lifeless. Initially, detectives suspected that one of his beloved snakes was responsible for his demise, but later they realized that something much more horrifying was at fault.

Ben Renick, a renowned Missouri snake breeder, was found deceased at his breeding facility at the age of 29.

According to his close friend and fellow breeder David Levinson, the unique color combinations and patterns he produced at Renick Reptiles in secluded New Florence, Missouri, created “designer pets” that could fetch over $100,000. He remarked, “Ben was pioneering unprecedented innovations, and he achieved many ‘world’s firsts’ over the years.”

When Lynlee, Ben’s wife, called his brother on June 8, 2017, screaming that she had discovered Ben face-down in a pool of blood inside the breeding facility, Sam Renick hurried over and arrived at the most logical conclusion.

Shell casings were found. This was not caused by a snake. “I knew that when I saw the shell casing on the shelf just over his head,” he declared. It was much more appalling than that.

Union of Ben and Lynlee

In 2011, Ben and Lynlee reconnected after initially meeting as teenagers. The couple eventually had a child together after tying the knot in 2014. Ben received support from Lynlee Renick at the snake breeding facility.

In 2017, Ben Renick finalized a $1 million deal to sell some of his anacondas and pythons. Ben and Lynlee established a second company, a day spa called Ascensia Spa Inc., but Lynlee, who managed the business, encountered financial difficulties.

Facebook conversations reveal a financial dispute between Lynlee and Ben. He informed Lynlee that she was behind on her rent, loan, and employee payments.

According to KMIZ, Ben Renick had already initiated the sale of his collection of snakes, ball pythons, and anacondas from Renick’s Reptiles to NHL goalkeeper Robin Lehner for $1.2 million the night before he was killed.

According to a court document, Lynlee Renick had financial issues with her now-defunct Ascensia spa in Columbia.

The law enforcement’s probe exposed the grim truth

Investigators ultimately uncovered that Lynlee had made her first attempt to assassinate Ben Renick a month before his death. Lynlee had informed a spa employee that Ben had been violent, and Lynlee never reported the alleged physical assault to the authorities.

Later, the colleague confessed to the police that she sympathized with Lynlee and wanted to help her. They conspired to poison Ben using a protein drink mixed with 15 Percocet pills. Despite becoming seriously ill, Ben survived and remained unaware that he had been poisoned.

In the days following the murder of Ben Renick, the police interrogated Lynlee. They examined her hands for evidence of gun residue, but found nothing.

List of Suspects

Subsequently, investigators learned about Michael Humphrey, another of Lynlee’s former boyfriends.

Later, Lynlee alleged that she had requested Humphrey to visit the snake breeding facility because she planned to abandon Ben there on the day he was killed.

Lynlee was apprehensive that if she and Ben ended up in court for a divorce, she might lose custody of their child, access to Ben’s $1 million life insurance policy, as well as any proceeds from the sale of his business and other assets, according to Ben.

In court, Lynlee claimed she was unaware that Humphrey was carrying a firearm, and they both claimed responsibility for firing the fatal shots.

Both are presently serving sentences for second-degree murder and a related offense after being found guilty by a jury late last year; Humphrey received a life sentence, and Lynlee received a 16-year sentence.

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    Oh no, this is terrible news! I can’t believe that Ben Renick has been found dead. It’s always shocking and heartbreaking to hear about someone losing their life in such a tragic way. I wonder what could have happened to him and who could be responsible for his murder. I hope the police are able to quickly gather all the necessary evidence and find the person or persons responsible for this heinous act. My thoughts go out to Ben’s family and friends during this incredibly difficult time.