Best Tie Bars To Wear For Occasional Events And Daily Use

There are two kinds of individuals who wear ties: those who enjoy wearing a tie daily and those who only wear it occasionally or solely for special events. Which category do you fall into?   

Ties are exceptional wardrobe essentials to elevate any attire. Whether you are attending formal events or casual gatherings, a tie is versatile enough to be worn on either occasion. To complete your ensemble or add an extra touch of style, do not overlook the importance of tie clasps and tie bars! 

Tie bars and tie clasps are essential men’s fashion accents. They serve a practical purpose by keeping your tie in place, while also adding a touch of flair to your outfit. Despite their small size, they serve a crucial function, particularly when wearing a necktie. 

Currently, tie clasps and bars are available in a wide variety of materials, designs, styles, and color choices. You can obtain clips and bars of various styles, ranging from elegant silver tie clips to luxurious golden tie bars and those with fun designs.

Some companies even offer the option to customize clips and bars according to your preferences. Hence, if you are aiming to infuse a sense of refinement and elegance into your appearance, possessing at least one tie clip and tie bar is essential.  

You need not have a specific reason to wear clips and bars. Whether attending a black-tie event, a wedding, or having dinner with your family at a fancy restaurant, you can accessorize with items such as cufflinks and lapel pins.

If you are a fashion-conscious gentleman always aiming for a polished appearance, these essential accessories should be added to your collection! 

Are you unfamiliar with tie clips and tie bars and wish to gain more insight? Do not worry, continue reading!

In today’s guide, we will provide a comprehensive overview of tie bars and clips. We have covered all the details you need, from their definition and various types to guidelines on wearing and styling tie clips and tie bars.  

In this guide, we will cover the following:

  • What are tie clips and tie bars?
  • What are the different varieties of tie clips and tie bars?
  • How to choose the suitable tie clip or bar width?
  • Which materials are tie clips and bars crafted from?
  • When and where to wear tie clips and tie bars?
  • How to properly wear a tie clip?
  • What are the benefits of wearing tie bars and tie clips?
  • How to correctly style them? 

So, ensure that you do not skip any sections and continue reading till the end to gain a comprehensive understanding of tie bars and clips. 

Let’s commence. 

What are Tie Clasps?

A tie clasp, also referred to as a tie clasp, is a fashion accessory. It constitutes a small piece of metal with a spring-operated jaw and functions using a hinge and clasp mechanism. Its purpose is to secure the tie in place. 

To affix the tie clasp, you must open the jaw to clamp the tie, then attach it to the underlying shirt to secure both in place. The tie clasp will ensure a neat and uniform appearance. Additionally, they are widely used for aesthetic reasons. 

What are Tie Bars?

Tie bars, also known as tie slides, are similarly composed of metal and are used to keep the tie securely in place. Unlike tie clasps, tie bars are smoothly slid over both the tie and the shirt. 

Tie bars effectively hold and secure the tie to the shirt without much movement, which is why they are preferred by many individuals. 

Varieties of Tie Clips & Tie Bars

Presently, tie bars and clips come in various designs and style options. Here are some common types of tie clips and bars: 

  • Tie Tacks

Tie tacks are traditional tie clips that utilize a pin for securing the tie. To use them, you need to pierce the material of the tie. It is advisable to wear these clips with fabrics such as wool or cashmere, as they may leave marks or holes in the material.  

  • Hinged Tie Clips

These tie clips are akin to clothes pegs. They feature a spring mechanism that connects the two bars via a hinge, and the wearer simply needs to pinch one bar to open, then place it on the tie and shirt.

  • Non-Hinged Tie Clip

This type of tie bar is bent into a U-shape. By pushing the two tie bar ends together, you can attach the tie to the shirt. It is well-suited for ties and shirts with thicker materials. 

  • Skinny Tie Clips

These clips are slender, lending a contemporary and refined appearance to your outfit. They are best worn with skinny and lengthy ties. 

  • Thicker Tie Clip

As the name suggests, thicker tie clips are tailored for thick ties. These tie bars ensure a secure hold for your ties. 

Tie Clips & Tie Bars Width 

You are aware that tie clips and tie bars are available in various shapes, mechanisms, and widths. The key question now is how to determine the appropriate width for tie bars and clips?

It is recommended to ensure that your tie clips and tie bars are approximately 3/4 the width of your tie.  

Here is a guide for you: 

Tie width Tie clip or tie bar width

  • Standard (approximately 3.25″) 1.75″ -2.25.”
  • Narrow (2.35″ -2.9″) 1.5.”
  • Skinny (less than 2″) 1″- 1.25.”

Tie Clips & Tie Bars Materials 

Tie clips and bars can be found in various metals. Some of the common ones include:

  • Brass. 
  • Rhodium
  • Copper 
  • Sterling Silver 
  • Gold

Why Should You Use Tie Clips and Tie Bars? 

Some of the advantages of using tie bars and clips include: 

  • A tie clip or bar ensures that the tie knots are perfectly secured.
  • These clips help to keep your tie in place, reducing the risk of it touching the ground and becoming soiled. 
  • Given their diverse shapes, sizes, colors, and styles, tie bars and clips can be employed as decorative accessories to enhance the overall appeal of your attire. 
  • They also aid in keeping a misaligned tie straight and secured due to uneven shoulders.

How to Utilize a Tie Clip or Tie Bar

Now that you are well-versed in the different types and materials of tie bars and clips, their suitable width, and the advantages of wearing a tie clip or bar, it is vital to understand how to properly use them. 

Here is a step-by-step guide for you:   

  • Initially, position the wider part of the tie bar or clip with the narrow part facing the tie and shirt.   
  • Gently place it in position over the tie, between the shirt placket. 
  • Your tie clip or bar should precisely rest between the tie knot and the fourth shirt button. 
  • Furthermore, ensure that the tie aligns with the bar before fixing it to the shirt. 

How to Style Tie Clips

Given the various types and styles of tie clips and bars available in the market, let’s explore how to style and wear them according to the event and occasion. 

  • Formal Events

For formal events such as weddings, upscale dinner gatherings, or business meetings, incorporate a tie clip into your suit and shirt ensemble. Opt for minimal and elegant designs in silver 

  • Casual Events

When dressing for a smart casual look, feel free to experiment with various clip and bar designs. Try bars featuring unique and statement-making designs, pairing them with a shirt, tie, blazer, or cardigan.   

  • Gold & Silver Tie Clips 

Always strive to coordinate gold or silver tie clip bars with other metallic elements in your outfit, such as cufflinks, rings, or belts. 

  • Design & Shapes

You can also match tie clips and bars with other accessories, such as suspenders and pocket squares, for a fashion-forward appearance. Consider experimenting with unique and fun shapes, such as mustaches, ocean waves, and sunrises.

Wrapping Up

This concludes our comprehensive overview of the finest tie clips and tie bars. You now have a fundamental understanding of the difference between these two items, their various types, and how to properly utilize them. Tie bars and clips come in diverse materials, sizes, styles, and colors. Pick the ones that best complement your shirt, tie, or those that appeal to you. 

However, always select skinny tie clips for slender ties and thick tie bars for wider ties. For formal occasions, opt for minimal design tie bars. You can also coordinate them with other accessories such as pocket squares, cufflinks, and suspenders. 

Therefore, investing in quality tie clips and tie bars will serve as the perfect finishing touch to elevate your appearance.

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