Boston Marathon Runner Poops in Yard Video Reddit – Is It Real?

The video of a Boston marathon participant defecating in a yard has sparked widespread discussion on Reddit and in the media. The individual, who remains unidentified, was captured on camera relieving themselves in a residential yard during the marathon.

The participant found the yard to be an opportune location for both addressing a personal need and gaining some attention.

After a Reddit user initially shared the video on the Boston subreddit page, it was subsequently removed by moderators. Nevertheless, the incident has continued to gain attention and has been circulated on Twitter after an individual saved the video before its removal from Reddit.

The occurrence exemplifies the concept of necessity being the mother of invention.

The homeowner’s front door camera documented the amusing incident. The participant entered the yard, moved towards the right-hand corner, discreetly lowered their shorts, and relieved themselves while facing the house door.

Unfortunately for the participant, a spectator, likely the homeowner, encountered them in the act of defecation in the yard.

A moment of quiet ensued as the two exchanged glances, and then the homeowner exited to provide privacy to the intruder.

The participant then resumed their posture, pulled up their shorts, and rejoined the marathon as if nothing unusual had occurred.

How Did the Homeowner Respond to the Video?

Predictably, the homeowner was displeased with the runner’s unscheduled pit stop.

“I have no idea how it can be defended, lol. Thank you for the info. I will be filing a report with the BAA,” a user commented in response to the video.

The user noted that, despite the runner’s basic human need, the marathon organizers had provided an adequate number of portable toilets along the route.

In disregard for others’ property, the runner opted to use a yard as their restroom instead of utilizing the nearby portable toilets.

Conversely, several users came to the defense of the runner, suggesting that the desperate individual would not have resorted to such an embarrassing act if an alternative option had been available.

Another user proposed that the runner likely could not manage their urgent need and, therefore, chose to relieve themselves in the yard rather than in front of the multitude along Commonwealth Avenue.

Surprisingly, many users rushed to the runner’s support, with some even criticizing the homeowner for exacerbating the runner’s embarrassment.

The video of a participant at the Boston marathon defecating in a yard, as circulated on Reddit, demonstrates a callous disregard for an individual’s property and privacy.

Despite public opinion, the actions of the participant remain unacceptable. It is essential for those defending the runner to try placing themselves in the homeowner’s position.

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