Brock Purdy Wife: Jenna Brandt & Brock Purdy Relationship Status

2022 was a significant year for the San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Brock Purdy. The NFL rookie clinched the starting quarterback position for the 49ers and became engaged to Jenna Brandt.

When the 49ers’ top quarterbacks, Trey Lance and Jimmy Garoppolo, sustained injuries, Purdy, previously labeled as “Mr. Irrelevant” when he was selected as the ultimate pick in the 2022 NFL season, seized the opportunity to shine. 

He emerged as a remarkable football sensation after guiding his team to several victories and concluding the regular season with an undefeated record as a starter. 

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Even in his debut career start, he managed to upset the star quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tom Brady. Brandt was present to support Purdy and was even captured kissing him after his impressive triumph.

While Purdy has not revealed much about his relationship with Brandt, they both enrolled as student-athletes at Iowa State University in 2018. 

Despite Brandt’s participation as a setter for the volleyball team, Purdy devoted most of his time to football. 

Even though Brandt eventually moved to the University of Northern Iowa in 2021, it is clear that they stayed in touch and eventually fell in love.

Who is Jenna Brandt?

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Brandt was born on October 26, 1999, and grew up in Sumner, Iowa, where she has three siblings: Kaylyn, Isaiah, and Morgan. Her parents are Kevin and Amy Brandt. 

She attended Sumner-Fredericksburg High School, where she was part of the volleyball team for four years and also served as the team captain twice. 

Brandt was involved in club volleyball, track and field, as well as other sports. She committed to playing volleyball for Iowa State University at the beginning of her senior year and graduated from high school in 2018.

Brandt comes from a tightly-knit family, whose members are frequently featured on her Instagram. She mentions that one of her favorite hobbies is spending time with her family.

She also stated that her siblings played a significant role in her decision to attend Iowa State.

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Relationship between Jenna Brandt & Brock Purdy

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After finishing high school, Brandt pursued kinesiology as her major at Iowa State in Ames, Iowa. 

Purdy also committed to Iowa State in the same year, enrolling as first-year students simultaneously. 

The couple has not specified how they first met, but it is likely that their paths crossed on campus.

Despite sharing some social media posts in the summer of 2022, Brandt and Purdy made their relationship official on Instagram the following November.

Brandt shared a series of images on her Instagram account, showcasing Purdy and her family enjoying time on a farm.

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“My roots and my boy,” Brandt wrote in the caption of the slideshow. Purdy responded in the comments, calling Brandt “my girl.”

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Purdy has already acquainted Brandt with Shawn, Carrie Purdy, and his siblings and parents.

Brandt’s sister, Whitney, initially hinted at the closeness by posting pictures in July 2022 of the group attending a Morgan Wallen concert.

Brandt has since shared multiple images of her spending time with Purdy’s family at 49ers games and celebrating the New Year together.

Jenna Brandt go to Levi’s Stadium to sports boyfriend Brock Purdy

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Jenna Brandt provided support for boyfriend Purdy as San Francisco triumphed over Tampa Bay, 35-7, at Levi’s Stadium. 

Jenna Brandt participated in volleyball for Iowa State and the University of Northern Iowa.

In November 2022, Brandt seemed to officially declare her relationship with 22-year-old Purdy on Instagram by sharing multiple images online. 

Prior to Brandt’s transfer to Northern Iowa in 2018, Purdy and Brandt were classmates at Iowa State.

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