Cartel Del Noreste Video: Calls For Truce Amidst Controversy

The release of the video by Cartel Del Noreste depicting the removal of a captive’s face and heart has sparked widespread outrage. 

Nevertheless, in a surprising turn of events, the CDN has now issued another video, seemingly presenting their message as a prank or joke while expressing a desire for peace in Mexico. 

The cartel asserts its commitment to peace and publicly discloses a partnership with the Cartel del Golfo (CDG), headquartered in Matamoros, Tamaulipas. 

This revelation elicits queries and apprehension, particularly in light of the numerous innocent lives lost in violence-ridden regions like Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon, Coahuila, and other affected areas.

Let us further explore the contentious video and its ramifications.

Initial horrifying video and controversial follow-up

The release of the Cartel Del Noreste video, depicting both extreme violence and a subsequent call for peace, has generated widespread discussion and skepticism. 

The Cartel Del Noreste video, which featured the gruesome act of removing a captive’s face and heart, sent shockwaves throughout Mexico and beyond. 

The brutality displayed in the video was a stark reminder of the violence plaguing the region.

However, the subsequent release of a video seemingly trivializing the previous act by the CDN raises doubts about their true intentions. 

This unexpected twist adds a layer of complexity to an already tense situation.

CDN’s message to President Andrés Manuel L&oacutepez Obrador (AMLO)

Addressing President AMLO directly in their video, the CDN claims to respond to his call for an end to violence by criminal groups.

President AMLO had expressed his support for efforts to cease hostilities between cartels during a morning conference. 

However, the CDN’s response seems dubious, considering their violent history and the suffering inflicted upon innocent civilians.

Alliance with Cartel del Golfo (CDG)

In the video, the CDN proudly declares their alliance with the Cartel del Golfo (CDG) in Matamoros, Tamaulipas. 

This alliance between two powerful criminal organizations raises concerns about the potential consequences for the affected regions. 

The CDG has its own history of violence and criminal activities, amplifying the apprehension surrounding the cartel alliance.

Reactions and skepticism

Given the CDN’s brutal acts and previous involvement in criminal activities, many are skeptical about their sudden change of heart and their call for peace. 

The public and authorities are questioning the sincerity behind their words, suspecting ulterior motives or hidden agendas. 

Skepticism is further heightened by the CDN’s request for clarification on legal mechanisms and interlocutors from the federal government, raising concerns about their intentions and the potential implications of engaging with the cartel.

Seeking mothers’ call for a social pact

Amidst the ongoing violence and disappearances in Mexico, the Seeking Mothers, represented by Delia Quiroa, have extended a call to the leaders of various Mexican cartels, including the CDN, urging them to establish a social pact. 

The aim is to prevent further disappearances and promote peace in the country.

However, the Seeking Mothers’ call has garnered mixed responses, with some questioning the feasibility and risks associated with engaging criminal organizations in such initiatives.

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