Ceaser Black Ink Dog Abuse Video Got Him Fired From The Show

Allegations against Ceaser Emanuel, a prominent member of “Black Ink Crew” on VH1, for abusing canines have led to his removal from the program after a video purportedly showing him mistreating dogs was uncovered.

Fulton County Animal Services and local law enforcement agencies are currently investigating Ceaser Emanuel in relation to allegations of animal mistreatment.

A video capturing the 43-year-old actor, taken by a Ring doorbell camera, has recently surfaced online, revealing him assaulting his dog with a folding chair and kicking the animal.

Emanuel stated in the video that his actions were an attempt to break up a violent fight between his dogs.

His representative mentioned that Emanuel was “questioned” by authorities about the incident.

The spokesperson for the tattoo artist revealed that investigators found his dog to be “safe, healthy, and showing no signs of mistreatment.”

Despite his remorse, Ceasar’s representative mentioned his distress and receiving death threats.

In an interview with TMZ, Emanuel expressed regret for the incident and explained that he returned home to find his dogs engaged in a violent fight.

The reality star described the dogs’ behavior as beyond normal play fighting, with the animals attempting to harm each other. He admitted feeling nervous and scared while trying to stop the altercation.

Emanuel clarified that he never intended to harm the dog and was solely trying to guide it back into its cage.

He admitted his mistake and disclosed that he had given one of the dogs to a friend.

Following the release of the video, Emanuel was dismissed from the VH1 show “Black Ink Crew” on Thursday.

A representative from the network informed TMZ that they had decided to sever ties with Ceaser Emanuel from “Black Ink Crew New York,” but the decision would not affect the upcoming season since production was nearly completed.

Insiders from the show revealed that the issue will be addressed in the remaining episodes of the season.

Public Outcry over the Video

The video sparked outrage among the show’s producers, as per a source.

Donna Lombardi, the show’s host, shared the video and expressed her deep distress, stating, “I don’t usually delve into people’s lives, but this video truly upset me.”

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“I hope the public sees you as the monster you are, @ceaserblackink,” she continued. “If you can treat a dog in such a manner, it reflects your true depravity.”

Lombardi emphasized the need for accountability and stated, “I CAN’T CHANGE THIS STORY!”

According to Emanuel’s lawyer Walter Mosley, “the video is old and was filmed at his apartment in Atlanta during COVID lockdown, thus there is no police participation in the matter.

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