Chief Justice John Roberts’ Wife Ex-colleague Makes Ethics Claim

  • An ex-associate of the spouse of Chief Justice John Roberts.
  • In correspondence with the Justice Department.
  • The data indicates a substantial payment linked to Mrs. Roberts.

Chief justice John Robert’s spouse, Jane Sullivan Roberts, concluded her tenure as a Biglaw partner at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman when her husband, John Roberts, ascended to the Supreme Court. 

She mentioned in an interview that John’s position made it “awkward to be practicing law in the firm.” This contentious news was reported by the New York Times on Feb 1st, 2023.

Kendal Price, a 66-year-old lawyer from Boston and former colleague of Chief Justice John Roberts’ spouse, Jane Sullivan Roberts, who had previously worked with her at Major, Africa, and Lindsey, dispatched a letter to the Justice Department as well as House and Senate Judiciary Committee leaders. 

He accused the chief justice of potentially disregarding the rules regarding recusal and financial disclosure for judges. He expressed, “I am of the opinion that litigants in U.S. courts, and particularly the Supreme Court, should be informed if their judges’ households are receiving substantial payments from law firms.”

In 1996, Jane and John Roberts got married after reconnecting following their initial meeting. 

Their bond had been strong right from the start, and they even managed to recall what each of them had been wearing during that fateful encounter. 

About Jane Roberts

Jane Roberts is a highly accomplished legal professional who has occupied various positions. Before joining MLA, Ms. Roberts served as the Executive Partner for Talent Development at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman. 

Prior to that role, she was a partner in the company’s Global Technology Group, focusing on IT sourcing and satellite system procurement. 

Furthermore, Jane served as a law clerk for Honorable James M. Sprouse of the Fourth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals during the 1984–1985 term. This impressive history demonstrates her excellent qualifications and competence in the field of law.

Her connections to Ireland were strong as well; she and her husband hailed from Irish families, owning a cottage in Knocklong, County Limerick, near her mother’s home in Charleville at the boundary between Counties Limerick and Cork.

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    The reader may find this article intriguing and relevant, as it discusses a claim made by Chief Justice John Roberts’ wife’s ex-colleague regarding ethics. They might be curious to know more about the specific allegations and the potential impact they could have on Chief Justice Roberts’ reputation and the judiciary as a whole. This news could also prompt the reader to question whether there is a conflict of interest or bias in the judicial system, considering the personal connections between individuals involved. Overall, the reader may be interested in following any developments related to this claim and its potential consequences.