Chris Chan Controversy: What Happened to Her?

Chan is a social media figure, and she is a trans woman primarily well-known for the Sonichu web series. Chris Chan was apprehended on charges of incest after recordings appeared to indicate that she had relations with her 79-year-old mother.

Chandler is recognized in more obscure corners of the internet as one of the most documented individuals online. 

Facebook posts, private messages, YouTube videos, and even purchase receipts from her hacked email accounts are accessible. Chandler disclosed some of this information herself, while other parts were gathered by trolls who teased and manipulated Chandler online by posing as girlfriends, fictional adversaries, or fans. 

Chandler became known for her eccentric offline behavior before gaining notoriety for creating the Sonichu character, a meme sensation. Now Chandler maintains a YouTube channel with 50,000 subscribers and a Twitter account and creates commissions and art to sustain a living. 

Chandler’s following has ranged from ironic onlookers to trolls over the past 13 years. She has acquired a small but devoted following who chronicles her every movement on the CWCki. 

Chris Chan Scandal 

Chris Chan was reportedly arrested following an inquiry. She is being detained at Virginia Court in protective custody.

Meanwhile, Chan’s mother Barbara cannot provide her consent to the case. Also, those who hear the story have been driven crazy.

Chris could face charges related to Class Misdemeanor if the allegations prove to be true. Also, she could be subject to a fine of around $2500 and a year jail sentence.

What Chris Chan Did?

Chris Chan allegedly assaulted his mother. This is why the phrase “Chris Chan Did What!” is trending on Twitter at the moment.

There have been some audio and screenshots surfaced online related to those allegations. Those chats present Chan admitting to sexually assaulting his mother.

Chan’s mother is currently 80 years old, and she has dementia. She is receiving a special inspection in the hospital.

Chris’s mother’s name is Barbara Anne Weston or Barb. She has appeared in several videos created by Chris so far.

On the other hand, Chan had wished her mother on Mother’s Day, and she had thanked Barbara for her sacrifices and love towards her.

The social media community has gone wild after the news surfaced. They are expressing their disbelief and hatred against what Chan did.

What Happened With Chris Chan?

The Greene County Police visited Chris Chan at her home. It was to investigate the assault rumors spread on the internet.

Chis or Christina has now been evicted from their residence. Similarly, her mother is now at the hospital receiving senior care.

Chan is a trans woman of 39 years of age. She altered her name to Christine following her gender transformation in 2016.

Chris had first released the series Sonichu on her website in March 2000. She had aimed to blend the characteristics of both Pikachu and Sonic The Hedgehog.

Chan was criticized for the type of comics, and the creations allegedly mocked women. Also, she was accused of being manipulative and narcissistic.

But the allegations and objections never deterred her from creating online content. She was unaffected by the negative comments widespread on the internet.

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