Courtney Spraggins Mother Speaks Out on Daughter’s Tragic Death

Kimberley Walter, mother of Courtney Spraggins, expressed her thoughts on her daughter’s unfortunate demise.

Kimberley Walter disclosed that she had cautioned her daughter against meeting David McCoy on the day of her death.

“This fiend played God with my child and that was unjust,” stated Walter.

Walter recounted the saga of the bond between Spraggins and McCoy, which had been on and off for two years since they connected on Tinder.

Despite residing in North Carolina and having two children, Spraggins frequently made an effort to visit McCoy in Georgia after seeing her kids.

According to Walter, McCoy was displeased about their first pregnancy and even threatened to end his life in front of Spraggins.

“As far as I know, he was dissatisfied about this pregnancy. He took her out to a cornfield. He had his firearm with him. He pointed it at her. Apparently, it was in his truck. She said David what are you doing with that. He said I’m going to end my life.”

In an interview, Courtney Spraggins’ mother described her daughter’s association with McCoy and their shared past.

Their daughter, who they intended to name Addison Mae, did not survive. Walter suspected that McCoy was deceiving her daughter.

The final text she received from Spraggins was around 10 pm, stating that she had arrived at McCoy’s apartment. However, just 16 minutes later, Spraggins was no longer alive.

What occurred with Courtney Spraggins?

McCoy was cohabiting with his fiancée, Abigail, at the time of the incident. Spraggins had journeyed from North Carolina to visit McCoy, who had sent her money for a hotel.

Courtney Spraggins Mother Talks About Daughter’s Devastating Passing

What occurred with Courtney Spraggins?

Subsequently, Spraggins resigned from her job and relocated to Huntsville to reside with McCoy, who then informed her that he “needed more time” before moving in together.

She returned to her home in North Carolina, but McCoy urged her to return and assured her that he would take care of her.

On January 7, 2022, Spraggins traveled for 10 hours from her parents’ home to McCoy’s apartment complex, Weston Ranch Apartments.

McCoy purportedly shot Spraggins in the head while she was inside her car parked outside his building. McCoy claimed that he did not recognize Spraggins, but investigators discovered a photo of him in her car, and McCoy subsequently admitted to the killing.

In January 2022, David McCoy, a former Alabama police officer, was charged with three counts of capital homicide for causing the death of his pregnant girlfriend, Courtney Spraggins, by firing his weapon.

His charges include killing a person inside a car, a mother and her unborn child, and a person under the age of 14 (unborn child). McCoy has been placed on administrative leave and is currently in Madison County Jail without bond.

The case is being handled by the State Bureau of Investigation, and they intend to conduct a press conference in coordination with the Huntsville Police.

McCoy initially reported Spraggins’ death as a suicide to 911 dispatchers, but authorities found a photo of McCoy in Spraggins’ car and brought him in for questioning. McCoy confessed to killing Spraggins after being interrogated for five hours.

Spraggins’ family plans to seek legal assistance regarding the situation. McCoy faces the death penalty or life in prison without the possibility of parole if convicted.

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