Dr. John Forsyth Missouri Missing Found Dead In Arkansas

The case involving Dr. John Forsyth from Missouri has become an enigma in the world of investigations.

A resident of the Missouri Ozarks, Dr. John Forsyth was reported missing and later found deceased in a lake in Arkansas.

Details regarding the case have not been disclosed to the family or the public, leaving it shrouded in mystery.

On May 21, security cameras captured the last sighting of Dr. Forsyth as he entered an unidentified vehicle at a public pool’s parking lot in Cassville.

Surprisingly, he left his own car unlocked with valuable items inside, including his wallet, two phones, and a laptop.

His brother, Richard Forsyth, stated that the physician had sent a text to his fiancée that morning, informing her that he would see her soon.

Later that day, his car was found, but the identity of the driver of the other vehicle seen in the footage was not revealed by the investigators.

When Dr. Forsyth did not show up for his scheduled shift at Mercy Hospital in Cassville on the same day, concerns began to arise.

There was no sign of him until a kayaker discovered his body in Arkansas on May 30, approximately 20 miles away from his last known location.

Reports suggested that he may have succumbed to a gunshot wound.

Let’s explore the events leading up to Dr. Forsyth’s tragic demise.

Details about Dr. John Forsyth’s life

Dr. Forsyth was born in Idaho in 1974 and was the third of seven siblings. He held a medical license and worked as a surgeon in Missouri from July 1, 2005.

He had been serving as an emergency physician at Mercy Hospital in Cassville for nearly 15 years.

Dr. John earned his medical degree from Ross University in Barbados. According to online court records, he reached a settlement in a wrongful death lawsuit in March 2022, the terms of which remained confidential.

His family members, including his brother, indicated that he was a devoted father to his eight children and appeared to be happier than ever.

He never missed a day of work and would often spend the night in an RV parked outside the hospital while on call.

His family vehemently refutes any insinuation of him taking his own life. Furthermore, they confirmed that he was in a loving relationship with his fiance before his demise.

Dr. John was previously married to another woman before his most recent engagement, although that marriage was short-lived.

In May 2022, a judge ordered him to pay his ex-wife $3,999 in monthly child support, along with an additional $15,000 per month.

Records indicate that he had been married and divorced twice to the same woman between 1995 and 2022.

Both his brother and his ex-wife’s divorce lawyer characterized the separation as amicable.

The enigma surrounding Dr. John Forsyth’s missing case in Missouri

The authorities are considering Dr. John Forsyth’s death as a potential homicide, yet many unresolved questions persist.

Law enforcement is exploring the possibility of Dr. Forsyth having taken his own life.

The autopsy, conducted by Benton County Coroner Daniel Oxford, was finalized on Thursday, June 1, following the discovery of his body two days earlier.

Initially, investigators stated that there were no signs of foul play when his abandoned car was recovered, but this was before his body was located.

Although the Benton County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson has assured the public that there is no immediate danger, further specifics are being withheld until the investigation is concluded.

The link between Dr. Forsyth and the unidentified vehicle seen in the surveillance footage at the pool remains unclear.

It is unclear how Dr. Forsyth traveled from Cassville to Beaver Lake, where he passed away, or whether detectives have located a weapon.

The circumstances surrounding his demise continue to be a mystery, as only limited information has been shared by the investigators.

Dr. Forsyth’s family rejects any implication of suicide and eagerly awaits additional details from the ongoing investigation.

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    Oh no, how tragic! It’s heartbreaking to hear that Dr. John Forsyth, who was reported missing in Missouri, has been found dead in Arkansas. My thoughts go out to his family and friends during this difficult time. I hope that authorities are able to determine the cause of his death and provide some closure for his loved ones.