Ellen Greenberg Autopsy: Seeking Justice For A Mysterious Death

The unfortunate passing of Ellen Greenberg, a youthful educator discovered brutally stabbed in her Philadelphia residence, has sparked numerous inquiries.

The post-mortem examination of Ellen Greenberg uncovers a confounding puzzle encompassing her premature death, prompting her family to recognize the potential presence of foul play, despite the authorities initially declaring her death as a suicide.

They have requested a reopening of the case, citing potential conflicting interests and suspicions of mistreatment.

One of the primary controversies surrounding the Ellen Greenberg case is the suicide ruling by the Philadelphia Medical Examiner’s Office.

Despite the ruling, several incongruities have been identified, leading to doubts and calls for a reinvestigation.

Critics argue that the sheer number of stab wounds, totaling 20, raises questions about the plausibility of suicide.

Let’s conduct a comprehensive examination of the Ellen Greenberg post-mortem case, aiming to shed light on the tragic incident that has captured public attention.

The Ellen Greenberg Post-Mortem Report

Forensic evidence plays a crucial role in determining the cause of death and understanding the events leading up to it.

In the Ellen Greenberg case, the analysis of forensic evidence has been a subject of contention. Some experts argue that the manner of death should be classified as undetermined, citing inconclusive findings and potential alternative explanations.

Ellen Greenberg post-mortem report reveals astonishing details that challenge the suicide ruling. The report indicates that she suffered a significant laceration at the back of her head and had multiple bruises in different stages of healing.

These findings, according to her father, Dr. Josh Greenberg, are consistent with signs of abuse.

It is this possibility of abuse that the family believes someone wanted to suppress, leading to Ellen’s tragic demise.

Demand for Reopening the Case

The Greenberg family has persistently sought justice for Ellen, asserting that her fiancé, Sam Goldberg, was involved in her abuse.

They claim that Goldberg’s family had political connections, including donations to then-Attorney General Josh Shapiro, who is now Pennsylvania’s governor.

A petition to reopen the case has garnered significant support, with over 150,000 signatures.

The family hopes that reopening the investigation will shed light on the true circumstances surrounding Ellen’s death.

Conflicting Interests: Independent journalist Gavin Fish highlighted a potential conflict of interest in the case, alleging ties between Goldberg’s family and then-Attorney General Shapiro.

Following the video’s release, Shapiro recused himself from the case.

However, his office denied any actual conflict of interest, stating that external circumstances had created the appearance of one.

The family maintains that Shapiro’s involvement hindered progress in the investigation.

Persistent Doubts

Despite the official suicide ruling, doubts persist among the Greenberg family and their supporters.

The nature and extent of Ellen’s injuries, as well as her state of mind leading up to her death, raise questions about the initial determination.

The family commissioned a photogrammetry study to recreate the 20 stab wounds, which strongly suggests that not all wounds could have been self-inflicted.

Ongoing Investigation

The Chester County District Attorney’s Office initiated an outside investigation into Ellen’s death.

However, concerns have been raised about the delay in progress, as the case remained with then-Attorney General Shapiro’s office for years.

The Greenbergs accuse Shapiro of withholding evidence and failing to take substantial action.

Their frustration mounts as they feel justice has been delayed and crucial opportunities for a thorough investigation have been missed.

Final thoughts

The Ellen Greenberg post-mortem presents compelling evidence challenging the original ruling of suicide.

Her family’s relentless pursuit of justice, fueled by suspicions of abuse and potential conflicts of interest, has captured public attention.

With the petition to reopen the case gaining significant support, the pressure on authorities to reassess the circumstances surrounding Ellen’s death is mounting.

The quest for the truth continues, as the Greenberg family seeks closure and the reassurance that Ellen’s memory will be honored through a thorough and unbiased investigation.

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