Everything You Need To Know About Aurora Mulligan

Aurora Mulligan is a skilled Irish television director and producer based in London. She is known for producing English motoring and factual TV series “Top Gear“. In addition, she gained attention for her relationship with Matt LeBlanc, a star from NBC’s “Friends“, with whom she confirmed her relationship in March 2018.

Aurora Mulligan Wealth and Earnings

While Aurora Mulligan’s net worth and salary remain undisclosed, she has undoubtedly amassed substantial wealth through her role as a producer on BBC’s acclaimed show “Top Gear“. Working in a prominent position at Pilgrim Studios has further contributed to her fortune and growing prominence in the entertainment industry. Additionally, if she were to marry her current American boyfriend LeBlanc in the future, she could potentially inherit $60 million.

Everything You Need To Know About Aurora Mulligan

Age, Height, and Weight of Aurora Mulligan

Born in 1985, Aurora Mulligan is presently 36 years old. While her complete birth details are not available, according to some sources, she is 17 years younger than her boyfriend.

Aurora Mulligan is an attractive individual with a normal stature and moderate weight. She possesses a striking hourglass figure, which she compliments with her impeccable fashion sense during interviews and red carpet appearances. Despite being an expert and producer in car and motorcycle-related programs, her personality contrasts with her profession in automobiles. She exudes a gentle demeanor underscored by a charismatic personality and a profound sense of humanity and gratitude.

This 34-year-old Northern Irish beauty often exhibits her fashion flair in elegant attire and a subtle makeup palette. With her luscious chocolate locks, styled into stunning waves, she maintains a modest yet graceful appearance. Capturing the heart of heartthrob LeBlanc, she boasts mesmerizing blue eyes and a radiant milky complexion that belies her actual age. Her seductive hourglass physique is the result of rigorous exercise and dietary discipline.

Aside from her love for sports and documentaries, Mulligan enjoys attending various events with her boyfriend and exploring exotic destinations with him. Her interests include driving stylish cars, fashion, fitness, watching TV shows, and hiking.

Birthplace of Aurora Mulligan

Aurora was born in Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. She pursued her education diligently, graduating with a degree in Politics and Political Philosophy from the University of Liverpool. Prior to university, she attended Co-ed integrated secondary school and Erne Integrated College for her high-school education. Following her studies, she ventured into the television industry, working as a television host and media personality.

Aurora Mulligan’s Achievements

Aurora Mulligan served as an executive director and producer for numerous documentary series at Pilgrim Studios in North Hollywood. Her versatility is evident as she also held the position of producer at Big Earth Productions and BBC’s Top Gear. Before joining the BBC in 2015, she garnered experience at both ITV and Channel 5. Aurora even made a cameo appearance in Top Gear, portraying a bride whose wedding at St Paul’s Cathedral was interrupted by Matt, who later became her boyfriend. Aurora has directed, produced, and acted in various acclaimed series, establishing herself as a confident woman and an inspiration to many young girls.

Her partner, Matt LeBlanc, has been a prominent actor since 1998, starting his career as a teenager. He gained widespread recognition for his portrayal of Joey Tribbiani in the popular sitcom FRIENDS. Matt received three Primetime Emmy nominations and three Golden Globe nominations for his role as Joey Tribbiani, winning a Teen Choice award for his outstanding performance.

Aurora Mulligan’s Relationship with Matt LeBlanc

Reports on Aurora Mulligan’s previous relationships are scarce, as she attracted public attention after her affiliation with the renowned ‘Matt LeBlanc’. Their paths crossed in 2016 when Matthew LeBlanc announced his involvement in Top Gear. Matt and Aurora began dating a year later, following Matt’s split from Andrea Anders. The couple has appeared together at various events.

Influenced by Kelly Philips (the wife of Lou Diamond Philips), Matt and his ex-wife Melissa Knight were introduced to each other and subsequently married. Their daughter, Marina, was born in 2004, and after facing significant challenges due to her illnesses, the couple separated in October 2006, citing irreconcilable differences. Following his divorce, Matt was in a relationship with Andrea Anders. A year after his separation from Anders, Matt met Aurora and initiated a relationship, which has endured till this day.


  • Aurora Mulligan met Matt LeBlanc in 2016, and they began a romantic relationship.
  • Aurora Mulligan made a cameo appearance as a bride in Top Gear.
  • She is a multi-faceted individual.
  • According to some sources, Aurora ventured into the television industry after completing her higher studies.
  • She has contributed to several renowned series, assuming roles in directing and production.
  • She is 17 years younger than Matt LeBlanc.
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