Face Splint Accident Video 2009: The Horrific Truth 

The horrifying face brace mishap footage 2009, also referred to as the fractured face diving mishap, is a startling and ghastly occurrence that has recently resurfaced online. 

It entails a 16-year-old boy from Beirut who endeavored a dive into the sea from over 40 feet, only to collide with the concrete surface before descending into the ocean. 

The footage exhibits the disastrous consequences of the diving mishap and has elicited inquiries regarding its credibility and the reason behind the teenager’s demise.

In June 2009, the fractured-face diving incident took place near the Manara Promenade, opposite the American University. 

The victim’s sibling can be observed in the video successfully diving into the sea, while the teenager attempted his dive and collided with the concrete surface before plunging into the ocean. 

The sound of a bystander urgently requesting assistance from the Civil Defense can be heard in the background.

The Horrific Face Brace Mishap Footage 2009

The resurfaced Horrific Face Brace Mishap Footage 2009 reveals the shocking and graphic aftermath of the diving mishap. 

The boy sustained a severe impact to his head, which led to his face splitting open. Bystanders can be seen rushing to his aid while he lay motionless on the concrete surface. 

The footage then shifts to scenes captured in an American University Hospital emergency room, where doctors endeavored to keep the boy’s face intact to ensure an open airway. 

Despite their efforts, the teenager succumbed to his injuries after two days of intensive care.

As the footage regained traction, doubts about its authenticity emerged among viewers. Some suggested that the footage might be fabricated, as hospital records purportedly indicated that the teenager had attempted a “failed 9mm suicide.” 

The inclusion of trilingual warnings at the beginning of the footage, along with eerie instrumental music and shaky cellphone footage, added to the unsettling nature of the content.

Lessons Learned

The chilling footage’s resurgence on social media has left a lasting impression on those who have encountered it. 

Many likened the experience to watching a horror movie, feeling traumatized by the graphic imagery. 

The uncertain circumstances surrounding the footage have raised questions about its credibility and the reason behind the teenager’s death. However, the underlying truth remains that he suffered a severe impact to his head during the diving mishap.

The face brace mishap footage 2009 is a stark reminder of the potential consequences of diving mishaps. 

The incident underscores the importance of safety measures and precautions when partaking in water sports and activities. 

The footage’s viral impact has also sparked discussions about the responsible use of social media and the role of viewers in disseminating sensitive and graphic content.


The face brace mishap footage 2009 is a haunting and distressing reminder of the hazards of diving and water activities. 

However, it also serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of prioritizing safety and responsible conduct on social media platforms. 

This cautionary tale emphasizes the need for vigilance and caution during water sports and activities to prevent tragic and devastating incidents.

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  1. Guest

    Oh my goodness, this sounds absolutely terrifying! I can’t even begin to imagine what kind of accident would involve a face splint. The fact that there’s a video from 2009 makes it even more unsettling. I’m curious to know more about the details surrounding this incident. It’s definitely something that would grab my attention, but I’m also hesitant to watch the video due to the description of it being horrific. I hope everyone involved in the accident was okay and received the necessary medical attention.