Fort Apache And Flamingo – Multiple Vehicles Involved In The Crash

An appalling accident occurred at Fort Apache and Flamingo road on Monday, 17th October 2022. 

The Las Vegas Police department is currently conducting an investigation to determine the extent of the crash and whether there were any casualties. 

Traffic authorities are looking into a multi-vehicle collision that occurred at Flamingo and Fort, with the investigation underway on Monday night Apache Road.

The collision at Fort Apache and Flamingo occurred on the evening of Monday before 9 P.M.

Metro Police stated that two vehicles traveling on Flamingo road collided with another car at the intersection.

Conclusions from the Investigative Team

During a discussion with Fox5, Police officials disclosed the possibility of a collision between two vehicles or a potentially more catastrophic incident.

The police also indicated the potential involvement of a third vehicle at the road intersection.

The authorities at the Las Vegas department are continuing their investigation into the crash and its circumstances. 

Subsequent to the investigation, the police concluded that the two vehicles collided with a bus stop and two parked cars, along with several other objects. 

A third vehicle was impacted at the junction by two eastbound Flamingo vehicles.

Initially, the two cars collided and then proceeded eastward, striking multiple stationary objects and two parked cars before coming to a stop east of the intersection.

According to the police investigation report, no casualties were reported. Furthermore, there is no definitive information regarding the condition of the drivers or any passengers, if present. 

The police reported that no significant injuries occurred.

Following the crash, the intersection was closed, and commuters were instructed to avoid the area to prevent tampering with evidence, as per LVMPD.

Visual Representation Of The Collision 

A KTNV reporter captured the police taking photographs on Monday at Apache and Flamingo Road, including images of the intersection after the accident.

The road closure was evident in the photographs, and pedestrians were advised to steer clear of the area.

The police were conducting a meticulous examination of the area. 

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