From Hoops To Genetics: Meet Ryan Kalkbrenner’s Parents

Lynn Frank Kalkbrenner and Kraig Kalkbrenner, the parents of Ryan Kalkbrenner, brought him and his brother, Nate Kalkbrenner, up in Florissant.

Both of his parents were successful athletes in their youth.

Lynn, Ryan’s mother, was a talented basketball player at Aquinas High, while Ryan attended Trinity Catholic High School in St. Louis, Missouri, where he also played basketball.

Ryan’s exceptional basketball skills earned him acknowledgment as a consensus four-star recruit and attracted offers from several prestigious universities, including Stanford, Purdue, and Kansas. 

However, he ultimately decided to commit to playing college basketball at Creighton.

Ryan’s abilities and hard work were recognized by the Big East Conference during his college career, and he was honored as Honorable Mention All-Big East and Defensive Player of the Year. 

In a recent game, Ryan once again demonstrated his talents by scoring a team-high 22 points, helping Creighton secure an 86-75 victory over Princeton and advance to their first-ever Elite Eight. 

His teammate, Ryan Nembhard, also contributed 9 points, eight assists, and four rebounds.

Family of Ryan Kalkbrenner

Ryan Kalkbrenner was born on January 17, 2002, to Lynn Kalkbrenner and Kraig Kalkbrenner. Lynn was a standout basketball player during her college years at Aquinas High and then played at Saint Louis University.

Her height of 6 feet 2 inches made her a dominant force in the post for the Billikens during the 1990s. 

Ryan’s father, Kraig, who is 6 feet 9 inches tall, played hockey as a child, and his height and athleticism likely influenced Ryan’s genetic composition.

While growing up in Florissant, Missouri, Ryan engaged in outdoor basketball activities with his mother, who frequently blocked his shots with her towering height. 

These early experiences instilled in Ryan the values of resilience, grit, and a strong work ethic that have undoubtedly contributed to his success as a basketball player at the collegiate level.

Aside from her athletic endeavors, Lynn graduated from Saint Louis University with a major in physical therapy. 

Ryan has a brother named Nate Kalkbrenner, and despite their different athletic pursuits, the Kalkbrenner brothers share a common love for sports and a close bond as brothers. 

While Ryan has focused on basketball, Nate’s childhood passion was baseball.

Who is Ryan’s partner?

Ryan’s partner is fellow basketball player Rachael Saunders, who plays for the Creighton Bluejays. The couple posted a picture on their social media accounts, depicting them strolling on the street after basketball practice. 

The image includes a caption with the number 6 and a heart emoji, which may signify their six-month anniversary. 

Rachael’s parents also have a background in sports, with her father having played football at the University of Iowa and her mother being a golfer and swimmer at Luther College.

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