Georgia Woman Crashes Suv Into Popeyes After Her Order Was Missing Biscuits

  • An enraged Georgia resident targeted the Popeyes eatery, claiming that her order lacked biscuits.
  • She is facing charges of felony aggravated assault and first-degree criminal property damage.
  • Four days after the alleged incident, Miller was apprehended and taken to the Charles B. Webster Detention Center.

After alleging that her order was missing biscuits, a Georgia woman assaulted the Popeyes restaurant.

The perpetrator, identified as Belinda Miller, a 50-year-old from Augusta, is charged with felony aggravated assault and first-degree criminal property damage.

According to the Popeyes manager, Miller drove her SUV through the east entrance in a fit of rage over her order.

The occurrence transpired on February 18th at approximately 7:45 p.m. EST, leading to law enforcement being summoned due to a vehicular accident involving injuries at the chicken restaurant.

The manager disclosed a shocking detail, stating that Miller had already received her biscuits before the incident, but remained dissatisfied.

The report indicated that Miller’s aggressive behavior had been anticipated. Prior to the incident, she had made threats to the restaurant staff, including a phone call where she vowed to drive her vehicle into the establishment.

One of the employees, positioned near the entrance, narrowly avoided being struck by the car during the incident, as specified by deputies.

As per the incident report, a witness who had been waiting in line alongside Miller was urged to hasten their order “because she was coming back.”

Miller did return and proceeded to ram her SUV into the chicken restaurant, narrowly missing an 18-year-old staff member.

Arrest warrants suggest that after crashing into the restaurant and gaining entry, Miller continued to drive until her vehicle was impeded by debris.

Subsequent to the crash, Miller absconded from the scene, with her damaged car being found at her residence.

As confirmed by the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office, Miller was taken into custody at the Charles B. Webster Detention Center br> four days following the alleged incident. 

The motivations behind Miller’s actions remain unknown, and it’s uncertain whether she experiences any remorse or regret subsequent to her arrest. 

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    This news article highlights an incident that occurred in Georgia, where a woman crashed her SUV into a Popeyes restaurant after discovering her order was missing biscuits. The reader might find this story both amusing and concerning at the same time. On one hand, it seems quite extreme and irrational for someone to react so strongly over a missing food item. However, it also raises questions about the level of frustration and anger people can experience when their expectations are not met. The reader may wonder about the state of mind of the woman involved and what led her to react in such a destructive manner. Overall, this incident serves as a reminder of how small incidents can sometimes escalate into unnecessary chaos.