Goldsboro Law Firm Murder Suicide – What Actually Happened?

Gene Riddle, the creator of Riddle & Brantley, has conveyed his condolences for the victim and commended Patrick White for his courage.

This occurrence has been a shock to both staff and clients of the office. 

Regrettably, with such violent acts, there can frequently be an element of sorrow that accompanies them.

Thankfully, Mr. White’s colleagues were able to identify him as the alleged shooter before he had a chance to harm anyone else in the building. 

Despite this dreadful event, Mr. Riddle is proud that Mr. White showed bravery in the face of danger and saved numerous lives by sacrificing himself for others.

His heroic deed will live on in memory as an admirable example of a true hero stepping up in the time of need.

It is absolutely heartbreaking to consider the impact of the violent crime that took place at the law firm on Spence Avenue.

A respected member of the legal community and father, Patrick White was taken from us due to an inexplicable act.

A long-serving professional in his field, White’s bio on Riddle & Brantley documented his career as a personal injury lawyer since 2005 and years spent aiding those affected by car accidents. 

The loss of this beloved attorney to his family, friends, colleagues, and former clients should not be taken lightly.

We wish comfort and healing during this devastating time to all those who have been left behind in the wake of this tragedy.

Gene Riddle expressed Patrik White’s death

On Tuesday, a Riddle & Brantley representative clarified that the incident had been a misunderstanding and there had not been an argument as the police initially reported. 

Gene Riddle, the company’s founder, and managing partner, spoke to WRAL reporter Chelsea Donovan about the chaotic episode.

The main target of the shooting was Riddle himself but luckily his employee Patrick White intervened at the critical moment and sacrificed his own life for Riddle’s safety. 

His brave action left everyone speechless and was said to be proudly celebrated by Riddle himself, who declared Patrick as the friend and hero of their organization. 

Patrick was deemed to have lived his whole life with such loyalty and courage until his last breath – making him worthy enough to be remembered forever.

Moreover, he said around 9:30 in the morning, the gunman and his wife arrived at the office for mediation.

Riddle said that there were none at the beginning of the session.

Around 4 p.m. that day, he and White left the room at the request of the wife and husband to give them some space to discuss.

Approximately 12 to 15 feet away from the couple, they entered the attorneys’ quarters.

“The next thing I know, I see a figure enter the lawyers’ quarters, and I hear a loud shot, along with the sound of broken glass. I knew he had shot because I saw the gun, “Riddle remarked. “He knew Patrick well.

I felt a chill run through me as soon as Riddle revealed the truth – two rounds had been fired at me, and there seemed to be no chance of survival. 

As I frantically attempted to flee from the danger, I ended up back in my office. When I stood up again and looked around, my worst fears were confirmed. 

Patrick had taken the vigilante’s aim and was now pinned against the wall with cries of his name being uttered desperately by Riddle and myself.

In what felt like an eternity, there was another gunshot and Patrick slid down onto the ground completely still.

Tears began streaming down Riddle’s face as reality hit him; it was clear he was full of regret for not having done more sooner. He turned to us and tearfully muttered “Patrick was rescuing us.” 

The situation seemed utterly hopeless; unable to accept that our dear friend had fallen in such a way, we prayed silently in our hearts, hoping fate hadn’t come yet again to take away one selfless hero.

Later, Riddle went to check on White and made a 911 call. He claimed that the entire incident took place in under 30 seconds.

According to Riddle, five shots were fired, and the gunman was lying on the ground when he heard another gunfire.

I returned to check on Patrick and prayed for his well-being.” stated Riddle. “I knew he had left.”

Officers arrived at the scene at about 4:15 p.m. Two males were reportedly found dead from gunshot wounds by the police.

“I was shocked by what they found when they arrived, but I could tell it was a serious situation because their guns were already drawn as they got out of the cars. And when they approached with their weapons drawn, “

one witness stated. “I just have the impression that some things might have been stopped, avoided, and maybe they could have discussed it, I dunno. I have no idea what was going on inside, and I have no idea how he managed to get his gun inside. Perhaps they need additional protection.

WRAL News is still confirming the shooter’s name.

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