Has Elon Musk Bought Google? Rumors Explained

At the beginning of January, there was a rumor spreading across the web. Numerous reporters raised the query, “Has Elon Musk purchased google?” However, this speculation is unfounded.

Elon Musk, the wealthy entrepreneur behind Tesla and SpaceX, garnered attention after acquiring Twitter and modifying the platform’s rules.

The head of SpaceX has been meddling with his latest acquisition, deactivating accounts and adjusting privacy settings.

That’s why many were misled as soon as the rumor about Musk taking charge of Google began circulating on social media.

On January 8, the individual or group responsible for the youtube channel Elon Musk Zone uploaded a video with the title “Elon Musk: I officially Bought Google. This is when the rumor that Musk had bought Google first emerged.

Tesla magnate Elon Musk has astounded many after he recently acquired Google,” the opening statement of the video reads.

According to some sources that covered this story, the video thumbnail showed a manipulated picture of Musk with Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google.

The description of the video contained a disclaimer that resembled the type found on numerous sites that claimed to create satire and parody. However, the terms “satire” or “parody” were absent from this notice.

Instead, the disclaimer simply stated: “Our Channel, which is entirely based on facts, rumors, and fiction, is NOT IN ANY WAY AFFILIATED WITH ELON MUSK. Nothing presented in this video is intended to be advice on money or health.”

Misleading Content of the Video

The video’s fictitious storyline commenced with the following narration at the outset:

Have you ever thought that Elon Musk would be capable of purchasing Google, the largest search engine in the world? I’m sure you never did, did you? Let’s just acknowledge that. It should come as no surprise that Elon Musk is a man full of surprises.”

Many individuals on social media expressed doubt and asked questions such as:

  • Does ANYONE really believe that Elon Musk has bought google?
  • Hey @elonmusk there’s a rumor that you acquired google.”

Many others confirmed that the news was false:

@BravoDaveTX @elonmusk @Google, The same channel, said he bought Facebook. The same channel claimed he hired MrBeast as CEO. I once thought it was a legit channel for Musk news, and now, not so much.”

Despite the video garnering over 500,000 views, this assertion is unfounded, and the image of Musk and Google CEO Sundar Pichai is fabricated.

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    The reader might find this text intriguing, as the headline suggests a major development involving two prominent tech giants. They might be curious to know the truth behind the rumors and expect the article to provide clear explanations. The reader may also have some doubts about the accuracy of the claims, considering the significant implications such a purchase would have. Overall, they would likely appreciate a thorough analysis and clarification of the situation.