How Does Lori Harvey Make A Net Worth Of $1 Million?

As per reports, Lori Harvey’s estimated net worth is $1 million. She garners significant earnings by endorsing beauty and healthcare products on her social media platform.

In a brief span, she has ascended the fame ladder, leading fans to speculate about her net worth, igniting a surge of searches across websites to unearth the exact figures.

Prior to this, she sealed several lucrative deals with various modeling agencies to serve as a brand representative, yielding substantial remuneration.

How Lori Harvey Accumulates a Net Worth of $1 Million?

Her elevated net worth at a young age can be attributed to the substantial influence of her stepfather, Steve Harvey. Presently, at 25 years old, she is set to turn 26 in the approaching week, potentially propelling her net worth to new heights. Meanwhile, her stepfather, Steve Harvey, boasts a towering net worth exceeding $200 million.

Who Is Lori Harvey?

Lori Harvey is an American Instagram model and the stepdaughter of the renowned comedian Steve Harvey. She has garnered attention recently due to her involvement with Michael B. Jordan.

Born on January 13, 1997, in Memphis, Tennessee, she was raised in Atlanta by her mother, Marjorie Harvey. She is a product of her mother’s marriage to the acclaimed comedian and television show host, Steve Harvey. During her mid-teens, she attended an Atlanta school.

With four step-siblings and two biological siblings, Lori was previously engaged to the prominent Dutch football player, Memphis Depay, in early 2017, but the relationship dissolved, leading them to part ways.

Subsequently, she was romantically linked with Trey Songz, born Tremaine Aldon Neverson, a well-established American singer, songwriter, and actor in the entertainment industry.

Later, she entered a relationship with Justin Combs, an influential American social media personality renowned as the son of Sean Combs.

She then dated Future, whose real name is Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, a professional American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer.

How Did Lori Harvey Venture Into Modeling?

At a young age, Lori Harvey aspired to pursue a career as a professional equestrian, showcasing her passion for horse riding and securing numerous equestrian accolades. However, a fall during competition led to an injury, thwarting her dream.

In 2017, she redirected her focus towards modeling, leveraging her existing influence to gain recognition on Instagram. Swiftly earning admiration for her modeling prowess, she attracted widespread attention through her regular posting of modeling content.

Having secured contracts with various modeling agencies, she garnered immense acclaim for her contributions. Currently, she is affiliated with European modeling agency Select Model Management and LA Models in the United States.

While she has transitioned into modeling, her love for horse riding remains evident, owning a horse and a pet dog.

How Did Lori Harvey Encounter a Hit and Run Incident?

Lori Harvey made headlines following her involvement in a hit-and-run incident. On October 22, 2019, the Beverly Hills Police arrested her in relation to this incident.

According to the Beverly Hills police officer, Lori was allegedly involved in a hit-and-run accident, colliding with a parked vehicle and subsequently leaving the scene. She was also accused of impeding the police investigation before being apprehended. Although she evaded incarceration and charges, she received a misdemeanor citation at the scene.

Lori Harvey’s Family

Lori Harvey is part of a family comprising two biological siblings and four step-siblings. With Steve Harvey as her stepfather, a renowned American comedian, and Marjorie Elaine Harvey as her mother, she is surrounded by affection and support. Steve Harvey has a total of 7 children, and the couple ensures each child receives ample care and attention.

Currently residing with her family in California, Lori is diligently pursuing her modeling endeavors, driven by her passion to illuminate the modeling realm with her allure.

Lori Harvey’s Relationship with Michael B. Jordan

Recently, Lori announced her one-year anniversary with Michael B. Jordan on New Year’s Eve. Initially, rumors circulated about their relationship, but on New Year’s Eve, they officially revealed that they commenced dating in January 2021.

Her post featuring Michael captioned “baby daddy” confirmed her pregnancy with Michael’s child. Michael B. Jordan is a renowned American actor, notable for his roles in popular movies such as Fantastic Four and Black Panther. His portrayal in Black Panther garnered immense admiration from fans, and he also featured in the climactic fighting scene of Marvel’s movie, Avengers: End Game.

Lori Harvey’s Stature, Eye Color, Hair Color

Standing at a height of 5 feet and 5 inches, Lori Harvey is a Capricorn, born in January. Emphasizing her commitment to a healthy lifestyle, she regularly shares her dietary plans on social media. She maintains a weight of approximately 50 KG, and her favored fragrance is Amouage Honour.

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