How To Add Friends On Nintendo Switch To Play Games Together

One of the most thrilling aspects of a game console is the joy of playing with companions. Unfortunately, some leading game companies complicate the process of finding and adding friends to your list of potential multiplayer partners.

If you are using Nintendo Switch to interact with your gaming pals, here’s how to connect with friends on the Nintendo Switch friends list and manage Nintendo’s infamous “Friend Code” system.

How To Connect With Others On Nintendo Switch To Enjoy Gaming Together

Ways to Connect With Friends on the Nintendo Switch

There are two options to connect with friends on the Nintendo Switch: sending a friend request using someone’s friend code, or accepting a friend invitation that you receive. Moreover, you can explore local friends using Bluetooth. Once a friend is added to the Nintendo Switch, both parties must have a Nintendo Online Subscription to play games online.

To add friends to your Switch’s local user account, it’s necessary to link it to your Nintendo Account, the platform for activities like purchasing, downloading, and friend requests.

On the Switch’s homepage, select the System Settings icon. Then, choose “Users” and select the profile you wish to link with your account. Click on “Link Nintendo Account” and sign in with your Nintendo Account or create a new one by selecting “Create Account.”

How to Find Your Friend Code

Upon completing the Nintendo Switch setup process, you will be automatically assigned a 12-digit friend code. This code, beginning with “SW,” will be visible on your main profile page or at the bottom-right of the “Add Friend” page.

The Profile Page appears in the top-left corner of the home screen. Use your left Joy-Con to navigate your avatar and press the “A” button on the right Joy-Con.

To add a friend on the Nintendo Switch, you will need to share your friend code or receive another player’s friend code.

First, go to your Nintendo Switch Profile Page on the Home menu, and then proceed to the “Add Friend” tab.

Your Nintendo Switch Friend Code is found in the bottom-right corner, and typically starts with “SW,” followed by 12 digits. You can choose to manage any received friend requests, search for local users, use a friend code to send an invite, or review the requests you have sent.

Connect With New Friends

On the “Add Friends” page, you will be provided with various methods to add friends to your Switch’s Friend List.

Search With Friend Code: Nintendo’s method involves manual friend searches using the company’s 12-digit Friend Code. You’re likely not to remember your own Friend Code, let alone a friend’s account, so be sure to get and save their Friend Codes to add them manually.

Accepting Friend Invitations

Any friend requests you receive will appear in the “Received Friend Request” menu. You can choose to accept or decline these requests.

Sending Friend Requests

If you have acquired someone’s friend code, you can input the code by choosing “Search with Friend Code” from the “Add Friend” menu. Enter the friend’s 12-digit code, and an outgoing friend request will be sent. You can manage the sent friend requests by navigating to the “Sent Friend Requests” menu option under “Search with Friend Code.”

Connecting With Local Friends

This option allows you to exchange friend requests with nearby individuals. It does not require an internet connection as it operates with Bluetooth to search for local consoles.


To add friends locally, a Wi-Fi network must be connected. If the Nintendo Switch console is offline, the friend request will be temporarily saved and sent automatically upon the next internet connection.

Connecting With Previously Played Friends

Some online multiplayer games will connect you with random online players whom you can send friend requests to later. From the “Add Friend” submenu, select “Search for Users You Played with” and invite someone whom you recently played with to connect.

Friend Recommendations

Choose the “Friend Suggestions” option to send friend requests to individuals from Nintendo smart-device apps, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Facebook, or Twitter. To use any social media accounts for friend suggestions, you need to connect them to your Nintendo Account following the onscreen setup instructions.


  • You need to link your Nintendo Network ID to your Nintendo Account to see your Wii U and Nintendo 3DS friends.
  • You have to link your Facebook or Twitter account to your Nintendo Account to see friends from these services.
  • If you want to suppress Friend Suggestions, adjust your Friend Suggestion Feature Setting.

Share Your Experiences on Social Media

While this doesn’t directly connect you to more friends, you may end up exchanging friend codes by sharing pictures on social media. The Switch’s share feature allows you to attach image captions and generate memes to upload to Facebook and Twitter.

On the user page, click on User Settings and scroll down to Posting to Social Media to link your Switch to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Once linked, go to the home page and select Album.

Unfortunately, the Switch doesn’t provide screen captures within the Album, but you can select an image, add a caption, and click Post to share it across social media.

Adding Best Friends

If you particularly cherish a certain friend, you can elevate them to Best Friend status. Navigate to your friend list and select one of your favored buddies. Click the Best Friends option.

How To Connect With Others On Nintendo Switch To Enjoy Gaming Together

That user will now have a star in the upper left-hand corner of their icon. Unfortunately, your best friend won’t be notified of their newfound status as identifying best friends is a one-way path, but the star could be helpful if you have many friends with similar avatars.

Removing/Blocking Friends

If you no longer wish to be friends with a particular user, you can unfriend them. If needed, you can take it a step further by blocking the user, preventing them from adding you again.

Go to your Friend List and choose the friend that you want to remove.

How To Connect With Others On Nintendo Switch To Enjoy Gaming Together

Select options.

How To Connect With Others On Nintendo Switch To Enjoy Gaming Together

Choose either Remove Friend or Block. If you change your mind later, you can go to User Settings and manage your blocked-user list to remove the block and potentially become friends again.

How To Connect With Others On Nintendo Switch To Enjoy Gaming Together

Nintendo Switch User Settings

If you wish to generate a new friend code, review your blocked-user list, or unlink social media accounts, you can do so in the “User Settings” submenu. Navigate to this submenu by selecting your avatar on the Switch’s home screen.

This is also where you manage your nickname, icon, account information, and eShop settings. Once you have connected with some friends, you can start joining in multiplayer games more conveniently.

Keep Your Friend Code Accessible

Until Nintendo revises the system, you may need to store your Friend Code for quick access. You can save it in your contact list for easy retrieval.

On your smartphone, open your Contacts app and locate your contact card. Tap “Edit” and look for the “Add social profile” option. You can add a custom note or custom social profile, naming it “Nintendo” or similar and store your Friend Code there. Then, you can easily share it with someone by messaging your saved friend code from your contact list or display it in a social media bio, like on your Twitter account or Facebook.

Games Available for Nintendo Switch

Here is a list of games that currently support the Switch. Note that this list is subject to change. 

  • Brawlhalla

It is enabled by default. You can create a custom room and share the room number with your friend.

  • Dauntless

In the Login Screen, go to Options, then navigate to Gameplay and scroll down. You can add friends by opening the Social Menu and sending invites.

Final Thoughts:

These are the current methods available for connecting with friends on the Nintendo Switch, although Nintendo has more plans in store. The company has stated that some games will support the ability to add friends within the game, which will undoubtedly be helpful for online play. They also intend to update the Suggested Friends section to include friends from Wii U and 3DS, as well as social networking sites connected to your Nintendo account.

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