How to Delete All Facebook Posts

If you have been utilizing a Facebook account for a lengthy period, or if you habitually post frequently on your Facebook Timeline, you may begin to consider tidying it up by erasing some or all of those unnecessary and embarrassing posts that you somehow posted and later regret when Facebook reminds you via memories of previous years.

However, deleting Facebook posts one by one is a very time-consuming process. If you can’t handle the embarrassments anymore, there is a new and easy way that can enable you to delete your old Facebook posts and statuses in minutes.

How to Choose Multiple Facebook Posts for Bulk Deletion

The first step in deleting your old Facebook posts is to select them. There are several methods to do that, including filtering posts if you want to delete something specific. 

1: Go to in a web browser, and log in to your account. Click on your name at the top of the left sidebar or in the menu bar to visit your profile. 

How to Delete All Facebook Posts

On the mobile app, select the Profile icon at the top of the screen for iOS or Android apps. 

2: On your profile, click Activity Log. You need to click that button, as shown in the picture below

How to Delete All Facebook Posts

3: On, filters are located in the left column. Choose posts by Anyone, You, or Others. You can also opt for Only posts I’m tagged in and specify a date. 

How to Delete All Facebook Posts

On the app, click Filters at the top to display the filter options. Use the filter drop-down lists to select the date they were posted, who they were posted by, the privacy setting of the post, and only posts you were tagged in. 

Recommendation: Utilize the filtering options to help you locate the posts you wish to delete. The filters are remarkably effective for quickly searching old posts without wasting time scrolling down through your Timeline. 

4: Choose the square checkbox at the top right corner of any post thumbnail you want to remove on On the app, tap the round checkbox to the left of any post you want to delete.

How to Delete All Facebook Posts

After selecting all the posts you want to delete, click Next at the bottom of the screen on On the app, tap the trash can icon at the bottom of the screen.

Note: You can only select up to 50 posts to delete at a time. 

Recommendation: To view the complete post on, select the post thumbnail. A window will appear, showing you the full post so you can make a better decision about whether you want to keep the post or delete it. 

5: On, select Delete Posts > Done. On the app, tap Delete from the list that appears. 

How to Delete All Facebook Posts

Recommendation: Deletion is permanent. If you do not want to delete these posts permanently, you can hide them instead, so they no longer appear on your profile Timeline. You can also unhide these posts by going to your Activity Log on your profile.

How to Delete All Facebook Posts

Unable to Delete Some Posts? 

You may notice that when you try to delete some posts, the delete option appears in a gray color indicating that you can only select the hide option. This may occur for some posts like profile picture updates, posts that were not created by you, or posts with specific privacy settings. 

For posts you are unable to delete through the manage posts option, you can still proceed and delete them individually. Simply find them on your Timeline, select the three dots in the top right corner of the individual post, and click Delete. 

How to Conceal Your Post from Facebook Timeline

It is possible to restrict the visibility of old photos and posts by making them private rather than deleting them entirely. From your Timeline, click the ellipsis next to the post you want to hide, then click Hide from Timeline in the drop-down menu. 

To only hide the post from specific people, click the ellipsis button and then Edit audience on or Edit privacy app, where you can select which groups of people or individuals can view your post. Here, you can also set it to Only me, so only you can view it. 

How to Delete All Facebook Posts

How to Restrict Your Past Posts

Facebook also provides a tool to hide public Timeline posts en masse. To do this, go to Settings > Privacy > Limit Past Posts. After clicking the Limit Past Posts button, a notification will pop up informing you that all your public posts will be changed to Friends only. If that’s okay, then click Limit Past Posts again and your public posts will only be visible to those on your friends’ list. 

How to Delete All Facebook Posts

If you want to carry out this task on mobile, you will have to use the Privacy Checkup tool by going to Settings & Privacy > Privacy Shortcuts, then click Review a few important privacy settings under the Privacy section. Click on who can view what you post and proceed through the checkup until you see Future Posts and Limit Past Posts. You can make future posts visible to anyone, friends only, or just you. Or select specific people who can view or not view your posts. Click Limit to automatically make past posts viewable to only your friends. 

So, these are the simple methods we have shared with you if you want to delete your embarrassing posts from the past, and also provide alternatives to deleting posts that are permanent. We hope it will assist you in your work. If you have any questions, your query will always be welcomed.  

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